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Do Now: Map Review

Label following items by dragging them to correct spot on the map

Balkan Peninsula

Iberian Peninsula

Italian Peninsula





Mediterranean Sea


  • Explain how the physical and human geography affect the people of Southern Europe



temperate climate

Mediterranean Climate

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Let's Review!

What is geography?

What is physical geography?

What is human geography?

Let's talk about it!

Southern Europe is a warm region bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Within this region lie the countries of Greece, Italy, Spain, and Portugal. All of them are at least partly located on large peninsulas. The region has a temperate climate, with mild winters and warm summers.

Review: Southern Europe Physical Geography

Southern European countries have a limited supply of natural resources. With the region's location near major bodies of water, fish have always been an important resource. However, overfishing has caused serious declines in the fish supply in the last few decades. The region also has limited farmland, forests, minerals, and energy resources.

Review: Natural Resources

Click on each image to learn more.

Check out the map of Europe’s seasonal fruits and vegetables based on climate regions. Click the map icon to go to the website. Then, answer the below question.

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Making Connections

Now that we have identified some of the fruits and vegetables that thrive in the Mediterranean climate ( a type of temperate climate) in Southern Europe, let's check out some famous dishes of these countries.

  1. Go to the Taste Atlas Website.

2. Locate Italy on the map. Be sure to zoom in. 3. Choose one famous food to learn about. Ex. Pizza, Pasta alla Norma4. Answer the following question in complete sentences.

Want a challenge? Pick either Portugal, Greece, or Spain.

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Map of Climates Regions and Farming in Europe

Background: Rural vs Urban in Southern Europe

Most people in southern Europe live in cities, and the urban population of the region is growing. Some famous cities include Athens in Greece, Rome in Italy, Barcelona in Spain, and Lisbon in Portugal. These cities are rich in both culture and history. Major cities in southern Europe are major centers for tourism, attracting millions of tourists each year. Southern European cities are also centers of manufacturing, trade, finance, and other industries. Many have thriving creative and arts communities.

Some rural villages in southern Europe have existed for over 1,000 years. Their appearance often reflects their history. The economies of rural areas in the region often rely on farming. Some areas also benefit from fishing and tourism. Rural areas in Europe have suffered from depopulation. Let's see how Italy has a creative solution to tackle this challenge.

Stop at 6:53

Challenge: Italy and Depopulation

Summarize It!

Italy and its rural towns have a big problem with depopulation.

Why are people leaving the countryside? Where are they going?

Let's talk about it!

  • Reasons
  • 1968 Earthquake- destroyed homes and they were not rebuilt
  • Young people leaving the small towns
    • Moving to the cities/ other countries
  • Lack of jobs
Depopulation Causes
  • growing elderly population
  • declining birth rates- women are having fewer children due to financial instability
  • migration of people to other countries

Writing Challenge

On your Module 7 test, you will have to explain how Europeans are affected by human and physical geography. This final activity will set you up with examples to ACE your test.

Use the examples and evidence presented in this lesson to demonstrate how Southern Europeans are affected by creating a well written paragraph. You may move back through the previous slides.

Word Bank

  • temperate climate
  • peninsula
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • natural resources

Sentence Frames: optional in use but a great way to get you started

  • People adapt to the physical geography of ____ by
  • Human geography can influence ....
  • One way ____ geography affect people is by....

  • depopulation
  • rural
  • urban

Mediterranean climate- a specific type of temperate climate. It has a dry and hot summer and a cool and rainy winter. It is great for agriculture.

Greece has poor soil and a limited amount of farmland. Italy, Spain, and Portugal all have a moderate amount of fertile land, and farming is important to the economies of those countries. Their main crops include grain, grapes, olives, and citrus fruits.


Olive Farm in Italy

Sentence Starters

  • I chose the food _______ from ( Italy/ Greece/ Portugal/ Spain.
  • ______ is influenced by the physical geography because....

Word Bank

  1. temperate climate
  2. Meditteranean climate ( hot summers and rainy winters)
  3. farmland
  4. fishing
  5. coastline

Depopulation- the action of causing a country or area to have fewer people living in it.

Fishing is important to all the countries of southern Europe. Historically, the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean have had fertile fishing grounds. However, fish stocks have declined in recent decades, especially in the Mediterranean. And while laws try to prevent overfishing, illegal fishing is still a problem. Because of the declining fish supply, fish farming has gained importance in recent years, especially in Italy and Spain.


Greece and Italy have few mineral resources, and some minerals have already been used up. Spain and Portugal export minerals. Both countries produce copper and uranium. Portugal also has deposits of tin, and Spain has iron, lead, and gold.


Sentence Starters

  • I noticed that ______ grows well in _____.

Word Bank

  1. Spain
  2. Italy
  3. Greece
  4. Portugal

Word Bank5. tomatoes 6. citrus 7. eggplant 8. grapes

Forests in the region are not healthy because people have harvested so many trees for centuries or longer. Although all of southern Europe's countries have some forests, only Portugal has a major forestry industry.


Southern Europe has only limited energy resources. Spain and Portugal produce some coal, oil, and natural gas for themselves, but all the countries in the region must trade for energy resources to meet their countries' needs. Italy produces natural gas, but most of its other nonrenewable energy resources have been used up. All four countries in southern Europe use hydroelectric power — power generated by flowing water. The countries also increasingly rely on wind power. In addition, Italy uses some geothermal energy — electricity made from the heat stored inside Earth. And Portugal is working on generating power from ocean waves.


Hydroelectric dam in Spain


Geography is the study of Earth's natural and human-made features.

Temperate climate- A type of climate that experiences all four seasons and gets moderate amounts of rainfall.


Physical geography is the study of Earth's natural features and processes of the Earth surface.


Human geography is the study of Earth's human features such as culture, government, economy and population.