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Who is Jesus ?

Christ comes from the Greek Word meaning anointed one . Jesus is the anointed one because he is the messiah anionted by God . Through his annointment he shows us love . As christ he is a leader for us . He is the messiah to guide us .

Christ means messiah . This is a bible given to Jesus meaning chosen one by God . It albo means God with us .

Who is Jesus ?

Matthew 16:15-17He said to them ' who do you say I am ' Simon Peter answered and said ' You are christ , son of the living God ' . This is when Simon rezerwat says that Jesus is the christ (the messiah).

Who is Jesus !

Jesus is called christ as we look upto him . It means God with us and God as human through Jesus who will always be there watching over us . Christ is known as our saviour and offers peace , strength and salvation .

Who is Jesus ?

The Kind of Jesus we See in our mind ' s eyes has an important impact on the kind of follower we are going to be . He is the chosen one to be our saviour as he is the messiah .

Christ is the chosen one , the prophet , the priest and the king of kings and as the messiah he is God's son .

Who is Jesus ?

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