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Charles Dickens

Oliver Twist

Main themes



Hard times

Charles Dickens is one of the most famous writers of the 19th Century


  • He was born in Portsmouth in 1812.
  • He had an unhappy childhood.
  • When he was 12 years old he was put to work in a factory because his father was imprisoned for debt.
  • In 1832 he became a successful shorthand reporter of parliamentary debates.
  • He starded to work for a newspaper
  • His most famous works are A Christmas Carol, , Great Expectations and Oliver Twist
  • He died in 1870

Dicken's most important work

Oliver Twist

One of the nopvel's effects is, simply, to describe what poverty was like at this time in England. The novel is an exposition of the effects on the poor of British laws, a complex body of law that forced poor families to labor in prison like " workhouses".


Charles Dickens wrote many important works, but some of this most renowned ones include:- "A Tale of two Cities"- "Great Expectation"- "Oliver Twist"- "David Copperfield"- "A christmas carol"

Hard Times

  • Mechanization and dehumanization of man in the industrial society and alienation
  • social mobility
  • poverty laziness
  • need for social compassion and charity

Dickens chooses pollution and exploitation as the themes dealt with in his novels and sets his plots in big cities, portraying what happens in the subborgs, where the workhouses werer built.Dickens novels are often set in cities because him aim was to denounce the problems related to industrualization and pollution