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By Ishanvi 8F

A bystander is somebody who stands by and witnesses something. Whereas, a positive bystander is somebody who takes action, and does something to try and improve the situation. Other names that you might hear from this are 'active bystander' or an 'ally'. Being a positive bystander is also about remembering that the small things matter and that no matter how small of an action you take, it is about the initiative you took to help that somebody.

Human rights can influence being a positive bystander because one of the rights include that 'every child has the right to live free from (ane be protected from) all forms of abuse and exploitation.This tells us that being a positive bystander is upholding this right and preventing the abuse of somebody.
Directly stepped in
Sought help
Other reason
Didn't know what to do

did intervene


did not intervene


Here are some ways of how you can become a positive bystander and what it really means to become one. x

By Ishanvi 8F