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Ideas for a Response to Shay's Rebellion




Greetings Citizen, We have read your request to rewrite the Articles of Confederation so the federal government can tax you and take your money to pay off the debt. Alas, accomplishing this would be quite a task. Our congress must have 9 of 13 states agree to pass a new law. All 13 states must agree to make a change in an existing law. The representative from New York is arguing with New Jersey about what kind of meat is in his sandwich. Our congress can't even agree wether Thomas Jefferson's hair is real or not! This idea will FAIL!! But maybe we can have the states pay off the debt. I need some ink! Signed, President of Congress

Greetings President of Congress, We have read your request to have the states pay off the debt instead of the federal government. What do you think we are... a bunch of chickens? We work hard and produce the eggs of wealth and you ask that we give them to you?! You hold no power over us. We are far to busy taking care of our chicks; the citizens. We will focus on the issues of our state and not those of the nation. But if you need money, maybe the famers can give their good as a form of payment to the French Sincerely, The states

Cher Amis farmers, We have read your request to offer your goods as a form of compensation. How dare you make a mockery of us?! We went bankrupt to support your war and you cannot even give money. We refuse to accept! You are snails Americans. Very slow to return what is due to a friend. And you know what we do to snails in France.... No more deals. Pay us back or else there will be problems! Salutations disguingees, Ze French

Dear General Washington, You fought with bravery and wisdom in our fight for independence. It is a shame that our current government cannot properly function. We must do something. Thomas Jefferson has given me several books on how government should work. I think I have a solution. We need to meet where it all began- Independence Hall Philadelphia. There we will ABOLISH the Articles and create a NEW CONSTITUTION. But don't tell anybody! We will wait until the meeting to do that. We need your leadership to unite the people at this convention. Also, I already told everyone you would be there...... so please come or I will be really embarassed! Your humble and obedient servant, James Madison