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Digital Twinning


Sustainable Energy & Infrastructure

How do we use technology to improve the lives of billions of people around the world?

Artificial Intelligence enables computer systems to solve problems with accurate interpretation of data, context and environment, from reading and interpreting text to driving cars to controlling industrial machines.Learn about AI at Siemens in action:

First Aid on Tracks

AI Spearheading Improved Patient Diagnostics and Treatments

The energy landscape is moving away from centralised, large-scale power generation to a network of often independently owned and operated energy producers and consumers. This is caused by increased renewable energy generation, the deregulation of markets and the departure from carbon-based fuels. This increase in complexity calls for industry, mobility, buildings and infrastructure to decarbonise and digitalise in order to be more sustainable. Learn about Sustainable Energy & Infrastructure in action:

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Wireless Charging: Emobility Unleashed

Energy Crisis: How Buildings Can Drive the Energy Transition

Green City Game

The Digital Twin is a virtual representation of a physical object and is one way to integrate real-world objects into the digital world. Learn about the Digital Twin in action:

Digital Twin Enables A Revolution in Prosthetics in the USA

The Digital Indoor Garden in Germany