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Why is estimating the shaded region more difficult without the gridlines of a hundredths grid?

What Part of the Square is Shaded?

About how much of the square is shaded?

Estimation Exploration

Today we are going to represent decimal numbers with diagrams.Think about yesterday's lesson. What does the decimal 0.001 mean?

Represent Thousandths on a Grid

Let's review what we learned about decimals and fractions on a grid. The Edio lesson contains a short video to help us review.

Video: Fractions and Decimals on a Grid

On a hundredths diagram:

each row shows one tentheach square represents one hundredtheach tiny rectangle inside the square shows one thousandth,

Decimals on a Diagram

a) 0.7b) 0.07c) 0.007

Look at the diagram. There are seven rectangles shaded inside the first square. Which of these decimals represents the shaded part?

Represent Thousandths on a Grid


Directions: Shade each grid to represent the given number.

Represent Thousandths on a Grid


Directions: For each diagram, match the decimal to represent how much is shaded. Write the correct answer on the line.

Represent Thousandths on a Grid

Directions: Shade 0.483 in the diagram. Be ready to explain or show your reasoning.

Represent Thousandths on a Grid

What number does this diagram represent?Where do you see 0.6 in the diagram? Color 0.6 green.Where do you see 0.02 in the diagram? Color 0.02 red.Where do you see 0.005 in the diagram? Color 0.005 purple.

Represent Thousandths on a Grid

Four students look at the diagram and describe the shaded region in different ways. Which student is not correct? Why?

  1. Jada says it’s “15 hundredths.”
  2. Priya says it’s “150 thousandths.”
  3. Tyler says it’s “15 thousandths.”
  4. Diego says it’s “1 tenth and 5 hundredths.”

Say What?

What number does the shaded portion on the grid represent?

Today we represented decimals on grids.

Decimals on Grids

Follow-Up Work

* Complete the Practice and Skill Builder.* Complete the "On Your Own" section.