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Knowing and discussing children's rights






Roll the dice






  • Each person chooses a character
  • Each time you click on the dice to roll it, move forward the number of steps shown on the dice
  • If you land on x2 you can move 2 times the number shown on the dice on your next go
  • When you land on a star, click on it and there is a question to answer
  • If you answer a multiple choice question correctly you can move froward 2 steps, if you get the question wrong you stay where you are
  • If you get an opinion question, after answering it you can move forward 1 step (regardless of how you answer)
  • The winner is the first person to reach the end

Finish the sentence:You have the right to play and .....relax run ring

Do you have the right to find out and share information?Yes No

I would like to have more of a say about how youth clubs are run?Yes No Maybe

Who should know about children and young people's rights?animals cars everyone

Fill in the blanks:I have the right to meet with friends and join .......trees songs groups

How many rights do you have as a child or young person? 55 42 100

Finish the sentence..."Adults must do..."Whatever I wantWhat is best for me

Having rights means what?I can do whatever I want even if it is bad for meI can live a healthy and meaningful life

What do you do if your rights are not being respected?

Nobody listened to you and your rights were not respected! Go back 2 spaces.