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Business models

Unit 1

Understanding finance for social ventures

Unit 3

Social impact

Unit 2

Social finance

Unit 4

Module overview and assessment



Video / audio: 53 mins

Individual task: Discussion

Required reading: 167 pages

The final unit provides a general introduction to the social finance sector. We will explore the development of the sector, introduce some examples of social finance products and consider some of the critiques of social finance, as well as looking at the research opportunities in the field.

Video / audio: 11 mins

Individual task: Discussion

Required reading: none

The third unit introduces the basics of financial decision making and financial statements and how they can be applied to social entrepreneurial ventures.

Video / audio: 6 mins

Individual tasks: Discussion; Outcomes Matrix

Required reading: 86 pages

The first unit focuses on business models and business plans and introduces two useful tools: the Value Proposition Canvas and the Business Model Canvas.

Video / audio: 1 hr 25 mins

Individual tasks: Discussion; Draft models and plans

Required reading: 219 pages

The second unit focuses on impact measurement and how we can know if we are really making a difference. We will explore what impact means and why we need to measure it, and the challenges of implementing impact measurement in practice.

Video / audio: 19 mins

Individual task: Reflections; Discussion

Required reading: 19 pages

In the module overview section you will find the learning outcomes for Module 3 and information about the module structure, key dates and assessment, including the submission link for your assignment.You will also find a 'Preparing for the residential' section.