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What are my responsibilities

Management & Leadership @ Thrive

Stakeholder Management is all about how you build connections with key teams and people across the business.

It is about collaboration, expectation setting and clarity to deliver our goals.

Customer - focused

Communicates the link between work that we're doing and the intended impact on our customers.

Encourages and builds skills of empathy, listening and problem solving to improve our customer sentiment.

Understands that our business and our success is all based on our customers and what we offer and deliver for them.

Strategic thinking and leadership is about understanding our priorities and goals.



And translating these goals into actions for your team.

And you have a responsibility to manage your team safely.

This means having conversations about mental health and wellbeing regularly.This means training your team to work in the safest way possible. This means looking after yourself and rolemodelling healthy and safe decisions. This means knowing your processes and policies.

Managing people is all about how to lead, inspire and engage your team. It starts with your relationships and how you build trust and respect

Think about efficient working and how to maximise our time and output

Know what budget you are working with and follow financial processes fully

Financial and Commercial Management

Continue to learn about equality and inclusion and make sure you are leading with compassion and understanding