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QA Huddle Flight Support

Areas of opportunity

January 2024

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January 2024

QA Average

  • Remember not to paste charges and fees that appear on the GDS / Fare Rules. we must avoid excessive documentation.
  • We must leave proper documentation, remember to leave the reason for the call, the customers issue, what we advised and the customers reaction

QA Tip:

January 2024

Area of Opportunity #1

CARES Notes/Documentation

  • We should follow our script in completion and provide information according to the one we selected. Always remember to read the complete airport names as it shows on the GDS when providing the itinerary recap to the customer.

QA Tip:

January 2024

Area of Opportunity #2

Accuracy in Information/Direction

  • Remember, when contacting another department or the airline, we should dial immediately after we advise we would do so.
  • Remember, when calling Rate Desk we should have the documentation ready before putting the call on hold
  • Remember to continue improving our interpretation of Fare Rules so we do not take too long to advise the options to the customer and we avoid prolonging the call unnecessarily.

QA Tip:

January 2024

Area of Opportunity #3

Call Control


  • Airfare differences not mentioned

Customer Detriment

  • Call escalated unnecessarily
  • Excessive use of hold

Work Avoidance

  • The phone number obtained did not match the reservation

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