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Search BoxUse the search box in the upper right corner. You can search for a company by name or ticker symbol. As you're typing, suggestions will appear. In this example, we're searching for The Hershey Company.

Search ButtonClick the Search button after typing in or selecting the company name.



Financial InformationSummarized financial information will display on the tearsheet. Always select View Details to see the information more clearly.

Stock Quote and ChartIn the center of the page, you'll find information on stock prices, including peak highs and lows for the year.

Business DescriptionThe business description will provide an overview and history for the company.

TearsheetWhen you search for a company in S&P, the search results will open to the company's tearsheet. This page will provide basic company info at the top, like the company name, ticker symbol, and exchange.


Fiscal PeriodsBe sure to check the fiscal periods at the top of the chart. In this example, the last column is reporting on the last 12 months, ending in April, rather than the standard fiscal year.

Financial InformationThis table will display information such as Total Revenue and Net Income. Make sure to check the note next to Key Financials at the top of the chart - the financials for The Hershey Co. are in millions!