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Curso y Grupo:1ºC/B7
Nombres y Apellidos: Ahlam,Rasfi,Kirat y Khadija, fadil


trabajo de bilinguismo g Y H

Hola que tal, hoy Ahlam y Khadija os venimos a presentar lo que es el bilinguismo, espero que os guste muchisimo y atender a las preguntas y respuestas.

Preguntas y respuestas

• When was Rosa Parks born?in 1913• What happened in 1932? Rosa married Raymond Parks.• Tell some differences between white and black people during the 1930s? People had different schools, different churches, different stores and even different bathrooms. • What happened when a white person didn't have a seat on a bus and there were black people sitting down? If there were no seats left for white people, Rosa would have to give her seat and stand for the rest of the drive. • What happened in 1955?On the bus home, she was told to give her seat to a white person who got on the bus behind her. rose refused stand up and was arrested. This led to the Alabama bus boycott. Many African Americans They decided that the laws were unfair and that they would no longer ride the bus until the laws change. The boycott lasted 381 days until the Supreme Court changed the laws.

Rosa parks received a gold medal
Rosa parkswas born
Rosa parks got married
Rosa parks was arested
Rosa parks died

2. Read again and match the dates with the information

5. She travelled/ didn't travel around the country to talk to people about her fight.

4. When she was arrested, she was / wasn't afraid.

3. Only white / black people took the bus to go to school.

2. When she was little, her grandparents told her stories about princesses/ slavery.

1. Rosa Parks had a brother/ sister.

Rosa Parks - Little People, Big Dreams

1. Watch the video about Rosa Parks and learn more things about her. Listen carefully and choose the correct answer



  • 1:c
  • 2:d
  • 3:6
  • 4:a
  • 5:j
  • 6:d
  • 7:i
  • 8:h
  • 9:b
  • 10:f

1. Put the events in the correct order as they appear in the video (watch the video again if you have problems)


  • she was very breve
  • becoming an icon of the fight for civil rights in the United States.

1. Say the things you like the most about Rosa Parks. You can take some notes

  • what get Rosa Parks?/equal rights for everyone.
  • what receive in 1996Rosa Parks?/Presidential Medal of Freedom .
  • why arrested/not give her seat to a white person in a bus .
  • where study Rosa Parks?/ African-American school.
  • where born Rosa Parks?/Rosa Parks nació en Alabama USA .

2. Look at the information in the chart (student A / student B). Ask and answer questions about Rosa Parks. Pay attention to the intonation, pronunciation and fluency

  1. La libertad siempre ha sido importante para mi.
  2. Mientras más cedíamos y obedecíamos, peor nos trataban
  3. Cada persona debe vivir su vida como un modelo para otros.
  4. Sólo quiero que se me recuerde como una persona que quería ser libre.
  5. Los recuerdos de nuestras vidas, de nuestras obras y nuestros actos continuarán en otros
  6. Dios siempre me ha dado la fuerza para decir lo que está bien... Yo tenía la fuerza de Dios y de mis antepasados conmigo.
  7. Desde siempre he sido una firme creyente en Dios, sabía que Él estaba conmigo, y sólo Él podría ayudarme a superar ese siguiente paso

Look at famous quotes by Rosa Parks and explain them in English to your English-speaking friend telling them examples in which these quotes can be applied in real life

Hasta aquí ha llegado nuestro trabajo del bilinguismo, espero que os haya gustado mucho, hasta luego.