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by pauL Tremblay

The Cabinet at the end of the world

One day, Wen finds herself playing in the woods and is approached by a young man named Leonard, who chats with her and then reveals that he is saddened by something he is about to do; Leonard explains to the little girl that he needs her and her parents' help to save the world, but she runs away when she sees three other people arriving with improvised weapons. Leonard and his companions, Adriane, Redmond and Sabrina, reveal their plan: before that day they have never met each other, but they have all had visions of an imminent apocalypse that will happen unless Eric, Andrew and Wen do not decide to sacrifice one of them. Andrew believes that their attack has homophobic roots, although Leonard sticks to his story and states that they do not intend to harm the three, but it is necessary for them to choose who to die to avoid the end of the world. Continuing to remain sceptical, Andrew claims that Redmond was actually a businessman named Jeff O'Bannon, who several years earlier had attacked him and his friend in a bar, causing a wound that remains as a scar; Andrew then believes that O'Bannon has tracked him and his family to attack him again. Despite this, Leonard, Sabrina and Adriane insist that they had never met Redmond before that day and were therefore unaware of his alleged previous assault on Andrew. Continuing to push the apocalypse story, Leonard asks the couple to turn on the television, demonstrating that several plane crashes are occurring. Sabrina claims to have changed her mind, so she kills Leonard and offers to lead Eric and Andrew into the woods, where Redmond has buried the keys to his truck. The couple follows Sabrina into the woods, taking Wen's body with them; the woman recovers the keys to the van together with a gun that Redmond had previously hidden, gives the keys to the two and commits suicide, first telling Eric that there is still time to prevent the apocalypse from happening.

Wen and her parents, Eric and Andrew