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Developing critical business skills in MAF workforce as well as local populations in the GCC region
3. How Lumi can work with MAF?
4. Appendix
2. Why Lumi?
1. What is Lumi and what outcomes does it deliver?
Table of Contents:

Our Understanding of MAF's Talent Objectives

How Lumi Can Help MAF

  • Offers opportunities to bring together staff from different cultures boosting collaboration and teamwork
  • Enhance employee engagement by involving MAF staff managers/leaders as SMEs in Lumi Quests
  • Build an internal culture of innovation to problem solve on business challenges and ESG matters.
  • Upskill staff on data-led problem solving, critical thinking creativity, storyboarding and other skills of tomorrow
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills (and design-thinking and AI-readiness skills) in local population to create a robust MAF talent pipeline.
  • Increase gender diversity among senior management
  • Enhance employee engagement to boost productivity and performance
  • Develop local talent to support national talent initiatives and economic agendas
  • Attract and retain top local talent
  • Build skills of tomorrow in MAFers to contribute to MAF success

By nurturing a diverse and inclusive culture and upskilling employees, MAF will attract and retain top local talent, and empower every employee to realize their full potential and fuel their shared success.

110+ Nationalities

17 Countries

46,000+ Employees

Lumi can assist with MAF's commitment to invest in its people and to develop human capital locally in the economies where it operates

2024 Lumi X MAF Goal: Upskill 1,000 Emiratis with entreprepneural skills

  • Provide youth & workforce a platform to solve critical business and world challenges that MAF faces.
  • Train early talent (train-to-hire) young Emirati graduates looking to build their careers.
  • Upskill MAF staff with future of work skills to identify best and brightest Emirati talent.
  • Develop entrepreneurship, design and AI skills in local population esp. youth to create a MAF talent pipeline.

How Lumi Will Deliver Targeted Outcomes to Support MAF

  • Boost the private sector jobs making them more attractive to Emirati talent
  • In addition to continuous learning, MAF focuses on developing new local talent, contractor, & suppliers.
  • Develop local talent resulting in the best and brightest Emirati talent appointed to senior leadership roles
  • MAF to hire 3,000 Emiratis across its UAE workforce and portfolio of companies by 2026 (~700 hired by 2022)


2% per annum for Skilled Jobs in the Private Sector

50% by 2030

10% by 2026


Our Understanding of MAF's Support of Emiritization Program

MAF's Support of Emiritization Program, and How Lumi can help

Lumi was conceptualised by a father & son duo in 2020(click image to read the story)

  • We run digital, scalable cohort-based Quests guided by innovation facilitators
  • Supported by an AI-augmented online learning platform
  • Participants produce novel tech-enabled startup ideas to business problems
  • And develop entrepreneurship, design and AI-readiness skills

Lumi is a platform to develop compelling business ideas, entrepreneurs and a workforce equipped to work in startups/SMEs

Topics linked to UNSDGs (e.g., Sustainable Cities, Climate Change, Health)

Prof. Christopher Shen, Co-Founder of Lumi


Live, facilitated sessions undertaken in 8-15 weeks or as a week-long hackathon

Up to 10 participants/Quest from across year-groups or a single one

Developed with Renowned Design-Thinking & Innovation Professor at Stanford University

Key Phases of the Quest

The Lumi Quest: A design-thinking-led journey

Click Image to Watch Video

Watch A Quest in Action (Schools Example)

They become part of a MAF community to support each other's ideas and growth
They build skills to thrive at work and grow the business e.g., Intrapreneurship, Problem Solving, Data-Driven Decision Making etc. captured in a Digital Skills Passport
They develop solutions to real business & social problems through a rigorous process, which can be implemented

The Quest delivers three tangible outcomes for each participant

Images show one innovation: a home network scanning app which monitors vulnerabilities for staff working from home

  • Lumi undertook a Quest on the topic of cybersecurity with EY trainees in the UK
  • Within two months, the participants delivered two high quality innovations
  • The final presentation led to the senior partners considering signifiant further investment to progress the innovations

Case Study 1: EY trainees in the UK developed innovative solutions in the cybersecurity space

To Commence Soon

  • Innovations Quests comprising employees and university students, to come up with new ideas to solve critical business issues.
  • Sustainability focused Quests with schools & university students to build brand awareness & talent pipeline.
  • Quests linked to insurance products (e.g.,cybersecurity, animals) to drive customer acquisition through community building
A major private health insurance company in the KSA

Case Study 2: Building a culture of innovation in the workforce and a community of potential customers throuhg Lumi Quests

UK's biggest mortgage lender
Nationwide: Greening UK Homes initiativeNationwide teamed up with Lumi to put young people at the heart of the solution to tackle climate change. Lumi worked with underserved students from two schools in St. Helens, in NW England. Two innovations were showcased at COP27.

Case Study 3: Driving the ESG agenda for the company by sponsoring Lumi Quests in underserved schools

Lumi is launching a pilot between London-based real estate developer and local schoolLumi will run Quests for students from less advantaged backgrounds in the school they built within their major regeneration site.The school is keen to embed Quests into the curriculum and roll out to further year groups after the initial launch.

Partner Case Study: Sponsorship

Incentivising users to buy less food to reduce waste!

Connecting care homes with schools globally for learning, in a safe way!

Offering grocers soon to expire food at discount - contributing a % to a good cause!

Win point & buy gifts for your virtual pet by taking shorter showers!

Allowing locals to deliver food to the elderly & disabled!

Pre-ordered school meals to reduce food waste!

An interative curriculum building awareness on forms of equality!

Overall, over 80 innovations have emerged from Lumi's Quests some of which have significant potential as standalone businesses

Click Screens For Demo

Measure & improve your green impact while competing with friends!

Why Lumi

  • Member of the House of Lords, UK
  • Former Cabinet Minister under David Cameron
  • Former Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Africa
  • Member of Parliament, UK
  • Senior Adviser to J. Stern & Co. LLP, a fund management company – £2,500 per month
  • Non-executive chairman of Clifton Africa
  • Magdalene College, Cambridge University
  • Ex-McKinsey serial entrepreneur with 24 years globally in ed-tech/tech/strategy
  • Founding team member of Infosys BPM, acquired by Infosys Technologies for $2bn
  • Founder & CEO, EnglishUp, Macmillan Publisher’s flagship digital venture & 3rd largest English learning co. in Brazil
  • Founding Operating Leader of Holtzbrinck- Macmillan $100m Digital Education Fund
  • Advisor to boards of several education cos.
  • Investment Banker at HSBC London
  • BS IIT- Varanasi, MBA IIM-Calcutta
  • Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Stanford University. Trained 200+ Fellows over 20+ years in a design-thinking le medical innovation
  • 25 years as a Life sciences venture capitalist with USD$2B+ in value creation
  • Founder, Singapore Biodesign, the first official partnership with Stanford Biodesign
  • Former physician, medical device inventor, venture capitalist passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation
  • BS, MS, MD & MBA from Stanford University


Senior British Politician, Policymaker and Business Leader

Lord Henry BellinghamChairmanLondon

Global Design Thinking & Innovation, Leader

Ed-Tech & Multi-exit Entrepreneur

Dr Christopher ShenCo-founder & Chief Innovation OfficerSan Francisco

Prashant RaizadaFounder - CEO London

Lumi founders & chairman are highly accomplished leaders, with a proven track record as entrepreneurs, innovators and educators

Dr. Gerard SilverlockFormer Junior School Headmaster of King's College School, Wimbledon


Select Team Members

Highly reputed & experienced UK educator

Education, Innovation & Coaching Expert

Global Leader in Sustainability

Christiane Mueck Ex-BCG, Misk Foundation, Board Member Zayed University, Adviser to Emerge Education (VC)

Pia Hiedenmark CookFormer Chief Sustainability Officeer, Ikea; Board Member BUPA, Decathlon etc.


15+ years in Robotics, Applied Linguisitics, and Design Thinking

Dr. Tatia WaQuest DesignerLondon

Tech. & AI Expert

13+ years in software engineering at Big Tech and Deloitte

Ethan GillTech Advisor London

Product Design and Delivery

Quest Design, Imperial College London Prof

3+ years in Product Design

Darius FernandesProduct Design & DeliveryLondon

They are supported by a strong team, and external advisors and ambassadors

Institutional Investors

Former CEO, Sberbank, UK, Head of CEEMEA Research, Citigroup, Investor/Advisor, BBC Maestro

Paolo Zaniboni

President and CEO, Lumina Foundation, USA

Jamie Merisotis

Select Private Investors

Managing Director, EQT Partners, Founding Member- Parthenon Director of the Board, Nord Anglia

Kosmo Kalliarekos



Lumi is also championed by leading institutional and individual investors



UN Conference of Parties

A Big Four Accounting Firm

A Global Healthcare Major

A UK Bank

A Major UK Bank

A Leading Tech. & Financial Info. Company

Talent-led collaboration to upskill apprentices and graduates with cutting edge future skills while solving sustainability challenges

A Global Tech Major

Impact & Outreach-led collaboration to run Quests with young people from the UK, India and Singapore and with deep involvement from employees as mentors

Knight Dragon- Global Real Estate Co.

Showcased by The Commonwealth at COP27 as a high impact venture to empower young people on the topic of Climate change
Impact focused collaboration with a UK Bank to run Future Cities & Inequality focused Quests for school students in the UK
Selected as a high potential startup within their Eco-Disruptive initiative, also sponsored to showcase innovations at the Cheltenham Literary Festival
Impact-led collaboration with Knight Dragon to run sustainability focused Quests for school students in the Greenwich Peninsula
Innovation and Impact-led collaboration with Nationwide to run Quests for underserved school students in NW England on the topic of Green Homes
Talent upskilling collaboration with a Big Four to run a quest for apprentices to develop Cybersecurity innovations

Lumi has collaborated with leading companies in multiple sectors globally (select examples)


Lumi has also worked with leading schools globally

The Foundation School

  • St Ignatius (UK)
  • Hamiliton (Mexico)
  • Purium Schools (South Korea)
  • The Foundation School (India)
  • Inventure Academy (India)
  • Safa Community School (Dubai)

Lumi School Partners

  • Kings College Wimbledon (UK)
  • Putney High School (UK)
  • Repton School (UK)
  • Donhead Prep School (UK)
  • Cowley International College (UK)
  • Charterhouse (UK)
  • De La Salle School (UK)

80+ innovations tackling global issues

Influenced over 10K peopleworldwide

Over 50% of participants are female

Lumi has worked with students in 14+ countries

identified Lumi as an emerging provider in the Ed-Tech sector, 2023Showcased at the Early Stage Investor Conference as a high potential ventureShowcased by The Commonwealthat COP27

1000+ students have experienced Lumi


Global Impact + Public Recognition

How Lumi can work with MAF

  • Quest Topics: ESG topics of national/international significance (Climate Change, Sustainable Cities, etc.)
  • Quest Duration: 3-4 months long
  • Quest Frequency: 1-2 Quests per Year
  • Quest Participants: 5,000 School/University Students
    • Async Quest to select top 100 ideas
    • Live facilitation with the top 100 students (10 quests)

External Quests with Students on ESG

  • Quest Topics: Service innovation, operational efficiency, user experience, ESG
  • Quest Duration: 8 weeks (2 1-hour sessions per week)
  • Quest Frequency: Once a Quarter
  • Quest Participants: MAF employees or early/new talent
    • Inter-company vs. Intra-company
    • Within a country vs. Across regions

Build an internal culture of innovation




How Lumi can work with you



Select Energy Transition innovations were showcased at COP27 in Egypt, 2022.See what happened here

The Commonwealth COP27 and COP28


Aligned with Gatsby Benchmarks




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Key Skills Developed by Lumi

Future Skills Passport: A lifelong learning companion and proprietary credential that will "skill the emirate".