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Week 3 - Digital Society

Six Thinking Hats


The Six Thinking Hats method is a powerful tool for enhancing critical thinking and decision-making processes. It provides a structured approach to exploring different perspectives and considering various factors in a systematic manner.


Set the Agenda: The Blue Hat starts by setting the agenda for the thinking session. This involves identifying the topic or problem to be addressed and defining the scope of the discussion.Define Objectives: The Blue Hat then defines the objectives of the thinking session. This includes specifying what the group aims to achieve and the desired outcomes.Guide the Discussion: Throughout the thinking session, the Blue Hat guides the discussion and ensures that each hat is used appropriately. The Blue Hat manages the time, keeps the group focused, and facilitates the transition between different hats.

1. Blue Hat: Process and Organisation

DefinitionThe White Hat represents objective and neutral thinking, focusing on facts, data, and information.PurposeTo gather and analyze relevant information, identify gaps in knowledge, and ensure a solid foundation for decision-making.Questions to Ask- What are the facts and figures?- What information do we have?- What information is missing?- What are the sources of information?

2. White Hat:Facts and Information

💡 BrainstormingEncourage free-flowing ideas without judgment or criticism.🎨 Lateral ThinkingApproach problems from unconventional angles and perspectives.📚 Divergent ThinkingExplore a wide range of possibilities and options.💻 Design ThinkingApply design principles to problem-solving.Emphasize empathy, experimentation, and iteration to develop innovative solutions.

3. Green Hat: Creative Thinking

Benefits of Positive Thinking

  • Increased motivation and productivity
  • Enhanced problem-solving abilities
  • Improved overall well-being and mental health
  • Better relationships and social interactions
Positive Aspects
  • Encourages creativity and innovation
  • Fosters a growth mindset
  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem
  • Facilitates effective decision-making.

4. Yellow Hat: Positive Thinking

Emotional Aspects

  • The Red Hat encourages participants to express their emotions and feelings related to the topic being discussed. It allows for a more personal and subjective approach, considering how individuals feel about the subject.
Personal Perspectives
  • Participants wearing the Red Hat can share their personal perspectives and experiences, providing valuable insights based on their own emotions and feelings. This helps in understanding different viewpoints and fostering empathy within the group.

5. Red Hat: Emotions and Feelings

Critical Analysis

  • The Black Hat allows for a critical analysis of the topic at hand.
  • It encourages identifying potential risks, weaknesses, and challenges.
  • It helps in evaluating the feasibility and potential drawbacks of different options.
Potential Challenges
  • The Black Hat helps in identifying potential challenges and obstacles that may arise.
  • It allows for a realistic assessment of risks and helps in developing contingency plans.
  • It encourages a cautious approach and ensures that potential pitfalls are considered.

6. Black Hat: Critical Thinking

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