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Involve students and their families!

Create Mini Assignments that Celebrate the Different Forms of Multiculturalism

Ask your students to bring in recipes or a family/cultural dish to share with the class

Cultural Food

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All families have recipes that are sentimental to the family or hold cultural significance.

  • Flags
  • Pendants
  • Clothing
  • Photos
  • Special Items

Cultural Show and Tell

Ask your students to bring in an item that represents their family and/or their culture.Some students or their families might have cultural fashion that can be worn to the class or shown in photos.

Ask the students and their families to find songs (school/age appropriate) that represents their culture or family.Play the songs in class if possible or create a playlist!

Cultural Music

There could be a cultural dance the student or family would like to show to the class! This can be done in person or through videos from the family or found online.

Enlist the family to help students plot their family trees!

Family Tree/World Assignment

Another option is to have the students color in their families countries of origin or where they might have family members currently living on a map!

Learn words and phrases as a class, such as:

  • "Hello!"
  • "Goodbye!"
  • "How are you?"
  • "I love you!"
  • "Good Morning!"

If any students and their families speak languages other than English, it's a great opportunity to introduce it to the other students!

Cultural Language

Show paintings and other types of art to students that highlight multiculturalism and acceptance of each other.

Cultural Art

Allow the students to make their own art!Provide instruction for a simple design the whole class can follow, or allow them to use the examples you showed as inspiration!

Bring in a Guest Speaker!

Cultural Storytelling

It can be a family member of one of the students, or a storyteller to read them a short cultural story or share one of their own experiences with the class!