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Seed To Harvestin 3 months

Indica-dominant strains work best. They grow short produce high yeilds and need less flowering time.

Recommended genetics for SOG (Sea Of Green)

Pruning involves removing lower branches and leaves, bending and tucking to maintain uniformityStart preparing the next batch of clones or seedlings as soon as the current batch enters the flowering stage.

Bloom phase Week 4-6
Flowering Week 6-10
Veg phase Week 1-4

Place the scrog net 20-30 cm above the top of your grow pots and about 30-45 cm below your light. Transfer plants into large (11+ L) pots and grow them for two more weeks on 18/6 cycle

Plant the seeds in cups 18/6 light cycle until they are (25-30cm). Use the topping method to remove the main cola and encourage more branches to grow