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Medications and Human Milk quiz game


Methods of feeding

Question 1/10

What are Enteral, Sublingual, Inhalation, Parenteral and subcutaneous?

Routes of drug administration

Parts of the body

Type of holiday


Different types of drug andministration can impact how much drug passes into the human milk and reach the baby


Because the baby's GI is immature

Question 2/10

A drug with high oral bioavalability is more likely to reach the newborn circulation and be absorbed. Why?

Because high oral bioavalability means that the mouth absorbes the drug

Because all the drugs that pass into the human milk, are transferred to the baby orally

Because baby has big tongue to absorbe the drug


Oral Biovalability means a drug is able to mantain its farmacological proprerties when passing the GI tract. All the drugs transferred to baby pass the GI tract with human milk.


After a c/section beacause mum receives more drugs

Question 3/10

Passive diffusion is the most common mechanism of transfer for drugs from bloodstream to milk. When can passive diffusion happen more easily?

When mum is dihydrated because blood is more concentrated

During galactopoiesis

Before lactogenesis II because junctions among lactocytes are wider


Closure of tight junctures among cells happens around 36 hrs post delivery (lactogenesis II). With closure, transfer is greatly reduced


Question 4/10

If maternal plasma levels increase so does the concentration in the HM. As soon as the maternal plasma level has fallen, the milk level soon follows. How is this property called?

Milk/Plasma ratio

Milk transfer

Active diffusion

Pump diffusion


Milk/ plasma ratio. If high (> 1-5), it is useful as an indicator of drugs that may sequester in milk in high levels. If low (<1), it is good indicator that only minimal levels of the drug are transferred into milk.


Yes, the smaller is the molecole weight the easier can pass into human milk

Question 5/10

Do you think the drug molecolar weight has an impact on its ability to be transfered into human milk?

Molecular weight is derectly proportional to transfer into human milk

No, the molecular weight doesn't have an impact on the transfer

Yes, the larger is the molecular weight the easier can pass into the human milk


The smaller the molecular weight (< 300 Daltons) the easier is the rate of diffusion across the layer lipid membrane of the lactocytes.


Triglicerids makes difficult the diffusion of drug in HM

Question 6/10

Plasma concentrations of lipids is very low compared to 5-15% of triglycerides found in HM. Knowing this statament which sentence do you think is true?

Triglicerides will transfer from HM to plasma

Lipid suluble drugs easily dissolve into plasma

The more lipid soluble the medication is the more it will transfer into HM


The more lipid soluble is the medication and the more it will transfer into HM


Binding with a protein inactivate the drug molecule

Question 7/10

Why the protein binding of the medication is an important factor to consider when evaluate prescription of a medication during breastfeeding?

If bound with a protein the drug molecule can easily pass into HM

The bound with a protein makes more difficult transfer into HM

It doesn't matter as it doesn't impact on the transfer into HM


Free unbound drug diffuses readily, while highly protein-bound drugs like are unable to diffuse in significant amounts in HM


The study of how genes affect a person's response to drugs

Question 8/10

Pharmacogenomics is:

Way of administration of a drug

Dose of the drug that is terapeutic in pregnant women

Time of elimination of a drug


People metabolise drungs in different way due to different genes activity.


Because maternal body doesn't absorbe the drug

Question 9/10

Why drugs with long half life are more likely to be found into HM?

Because they stay into the maternal body for longer

Because they get absorbed by fat tissue

Drugs with short half life are more likely to be trasferred into HM


The shorter the better: a short half life means that the drug stays in the plasma and in the HM for less time and it is eliminated by the baby’s body more quickly





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