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diwali and sham el-nassim



What people do

Duration and place


Sham El-Nassim

What people do

Duration and place




Lights festival


India lighting up the sky to celebrate Diwali.


This festival is celebrated at October or November in India, At the beginning of their year.They celebrate the victory of good over evil.

A map of India.

Duration and place

The festival lasts 5 days, in which everything is illuminated. Diwali takes place anywhere in India.India is south of Asia. It has a population of more than one billion people. It is celebrated by all Indian religions such as Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. Also, many tourists come to see this spectacular festival.

Prayers are performed in temples and offerings are made to the goddess of wealth, Lakshmi.

A family celebrating Diwaly.

A family celebrating Diwaly

Clay lamps.

Fireworks are set off to celebrate joy and victory.

What people do

Families gather to share meals and give each other gifts.

Houses and streets are illuminated with clay lamps to symbolize the victory of light over darkness. They also draw colorful patterns on the floors.

Street illuminated for Diwali.

Children praying.

People celebrating Diwali and lighting the streets.

Sham Ennessim

A family celebrating outdoors Sham Ennessim.


With Sham Ennessim the beginning of spring and harvest are celebrated.It is very old and takes place on the first Monday after the Coptic Easter, usually in April.The name means "smell the breeze"

A map of Egypt.

Duration and place

The celebration lasts one day. Everyone is outdoors to thank the gods for the creation of the earth.It takes place anywhere in Egypt and all its inhabitants celebrate it. Egypt is in northeast Africa. It has more than 110 million inhabitants.

A family eating salted fish outdoors for have fertility and abundance.

What people do

At outside meals, people enjoy foods, such as:-Salted Fish: Represents fertility and abundance. So that they have a productive harvest.-Green Onions: Symbol of spring and rebirth.

Families spend time outdoors. They go to parks, gardens or along the Nile River.

Dishes with salted fish and green onion from Sham Ennessim.

Typical hard-boiled Easter eggs that break.

People crack hard-boiled eggs as a ritual to bring good luck and renewal.

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