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-Be Kind-Be Courteous-Be Respectful-Be Safe

-Read "Georges Secret Key"- iready-Sci-Fi Narrative-Check your calendar

- Genialy-"George's Secret Key"

CCA Norms



We will...

ELA Class

Welcome, 5th Grade!

lesson 3.1.15 Decipher Words and PhrasesPart 1 Figurative Language - PersonificationYou try it! - NearpodPart 2Read "George"You try it! - Make a personification

Today is ....


In today's lesson you will...

Part 1 - Personification

Part 1 - Personification

Nearpod - Watch the video and play the game on slides 6 and 7

Part 1 - Personification


Part 2.

Today, you will read Chapters 29 to 31 (pages 262 to 286) in George's Secret Key to the Universe. Before you read to find out if Eric can be saved, think about all the amazing things you have learned about the universe with George.

Part 2.

You Try It! - Add personification to your own Sci-Fi Story!

Sci-Fi Narrative

I'm done! Now what?

  • Complete Chapters 29 to 31 (pages 262 to 286) in George's Secret Key to the Universe.
  • iready
  • Calendars

Have a great morning!

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