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The Effect of Social Media on Beauty Standards

Extreme 1

Extreme 2

  • Data: The Facetune app enables us to distort our selfies. Harmless fun or the sign of a sick, narcissistic society?

  • Academic Journal: Social Media Has Made Beauty Unattainable

  • Image: The Cougar Chronicle

  • News Website: What Students Are Saying About How Social Media Affects Their Body Image

  • Source 5: Social media and body image: The stats

  • Source 6: Social media effects on body image and eating disorders

  • Source 7: Reducing social media use significantly improves body image in teens, young adults

  • Source 8: Social Media and Its Effects on Beauty

  • Source 9: More Research Shows the Harm of Social Media Use on Mental Health & Body Image

  • Source 10: Social Media is the Cause of Self-Worth Issues

Directions:1. Change title2. Write out the extremes (You can add arrows pointing in other directions as well)3. Add your source titles and links4. Move sources to the correct part of the continuum5. Submit for Step 2 on Canvas