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Capturing Memories, Connecting Communities.


Clients encounter challenges in locating suitable photographers, negotiating agreements, and addressing concerns before, during, and after events. This fragmentation hampers the efficiency and transparency of the booking process, leading to dissatisfaction among both clients and photographers.

In today's world, the process of finding and booking a local photographer for events remains fragmented and relies heavily on traditional methods.

Problem Brief:


SnapHub: Capturing Memories, Connecting Communities

The aim of the SnapHub project is to address the challenges mentioned previously by creating a centralized platform that streamlines the photographer-client connection, enhances collaboration, and simplifies the booking process, ultimately improving the overall experience of capturing memorable events.

product goal

SnapHub aims to have the following features:

Seamless and secure ways to book and pay the photographers.

Booking and Payment

Event Specifics, Style Preferences, Budget Constraints, Occasion Details, Location Information, Preferred Photography Style


Live chat


Portfolio, Bio and Experience, Services Offered, Pricing and Packages, Availability, Reviews and Ratings

Photographer Profile


To facilitate finding local photographers, SnapHub can integrate geolocation functionality allowing clients to input their location manually or enable automatic detection through GPS or IP address. Utilizing geocoding APIs, the platform converts location data into geographic coordinates for precise searches. Clients can then filter and sort photographers based on proximity, aided by a map interface that visually represents nearby options. With location-based recommendations, SnapHub enhances user experience by suggesting relevant photographers tailored to the client's location and preferences, streamlining the booking process for event photography services.

Main feature

Team will present the complete project.

6th march


Team will present the structure and design done so far.

21st Feb


team will present a brief plan

7th Feb


The important thing is for everything to be suitable for the topic.


Final Report Submission

A final session will be conducted.

13th march

Final Meeting



Udaya Singh Rai