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The Outsiders project options

Your project MUST equal 5 (or more) total flames

Write a Newspaper Article

Character Journal ENtry

Who is a Hero Essay

draw a scene

song summary

could this make you tiktok famous?

Using Templates


Always room for a venn diagram

Hearing The Author Herself

New Cover Art

Write a NEwspaper article Imagine that you are a journalist writing about the church fire for your newspaper. (NOT a TV interview...a NEWSPAPER Article!) Write 3 paragraphs explaining the situation. Use the novel to help you. Sample Work Graphic Organizer Blank Template **This project pairs well with the "Draw a Scene" project!**

character journal entry Imagine that you are one of the characters from the novel (not Ponyboy). Write 3-4 paragraphs from your chosen character's point of view explaining your thoughts and actions during any one situation from the novel. Use the details in the novel to help you. Sample Work Graphic Organizer Blank Template

WHo is a Hero Essay Write a 3 paragraph essay that explains the qualities of a hero, identify a hero from the novel, and identify a hero from your real life. Sample Work Graphic Organizer Blank Template

Draw a Scene Choose any scene from the novel and draw it! Please use color and include helpful details. Give the scene a title and tell which chapter it is from directly ON your picture. You can draw digitally or take a photo of your hand-drawn image. Sample Work PearDeck to Draw Digitally PowerPoint for the Photo of Your Paper Drawing **This project pairs well with the "Write a Newspaper Article" project!**

hearing the author herself Watch the interview with S.E. Hinton. Write at least 2 paragraphs sharing your thoughts about Hinton's interview. Sample Work Graphic Organizer Blank Template Recorded Interview with S.E. Hinton (link also found in the graphic organizer)

Song Summary Tell the story of The Outsiders through songs! Create a playlist that goes through the plot of the story. Sample Work Blank Template

always room for a venn diagram Compare Ponyboy to any other character in the novel. Include at least 4 items unique to each character and 2 things shared between them. Use the novel to help you find characteristics to fill in your diagram. Sample Work Blank Template

could this make you tiktok famous? You NEED to use your camera for this one! Dress and act like one of the characters from The Outsiders. What might your character post on TikTok? Really embody them! Instead of posting on the real TikTok, create & post your submission on our Flip page. FlipGrid Page

Timeline Choose 10 important events from the novel. Put them in order on a timeline. Finish the timeline by writing a theme (life lesson) you could learn from the novel. Sample Work Blank Template

New cover art Imagine that a new release of this book is to be released and you’ve been selected to be the cover artist. Draw a new cover for the novel that includes a key component of the book that would make others want to read it. Artist Instructions: Your cover art MUST include the name of the novel, the author, and a detailed hand-drawn image. This MUST BE HAND DRAWN, NO AI tools may be used, and your image CANNOT BE COPIED or compiled from anywhere else. You can use your favorite drawing medium (digital, or on paper). Sample Work Organizer & Template

How to save shared documents to your computer. Step 1: Open the document, then press "file" Step 2: Press "save as" Step 3: Press "download a copy" Step 4: Follow the prompts to download and name your file. NOTE: when you open your file, you may need to press "enable editing" so that you can type in it!