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And Then

This Week's Prompt

Today was unlike any other day. As I ventured into the heart of the enchanted forest behind my house, I stumbled upon a mysterious portal. Against my better judgment (and fueled by curiosity), I decided to step through it. To my surprise, I found myself in a world filled with magical creatures, towering trees that whispered ancient secrets, and paths that seemed to change direction at the blink of an eye.As I explored this fantastical realm, I couldn't help but feel a mix of emotions – excitement, wonder, and a tinge of apprehension. The air was thick with possibilities, and every turn presented a new, fantastical surprise.Focus of the Week: This week, we will focus on text structure! Use the descriptive text structure to focus on painting a vivid picture of the magical forest, emphasizing sensory details and imagery.


After you are finished with your response, reflect on how you did! Drag the dots above to the boxes in the rubric below that describe your work.

Each week, you will receive the beginning of an intriguing story. It will be up to you to write the “and then…” and finish the story! I’m excited to see how your writing grows throughout the year!