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Creating Escape Games with Genially

level up your engagement

Yankee Spy (Civil War)


Federalists vs. Anti-Federalists

Pop culture questions

Warm- Up Activity

Warm - up

Warm up Instructions:Scan the QR code to access some example Digital Escape Games

Creating escape games with Genially


Belinda taught at the secondary level (mostly 8th grade US History) before becoming a Digital Learning Specialist.She specializes in boosting engagement, gamification, and one-to-one classroom management

Belinda Howell

Dan taught at the elementary level for over 15 years before becoming a Digital Learning Specialist.He specializes in blended learning stations, digital learning, video editing, and data collection and analysis.

Dan larson

Creating Escape Games with Genially

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Creating an account, finding and editing templates, and publishing created games

Learn how to use Genially

Discuss Genially and the benefits of creating escape games in the classroom

Genially Overview

Experience an escape game used for a 7th Grade Social Studies class





Creating Escape Games with Genially



Let's start with an example of an Escape Game



Yankee Spy

7th grade social studies

Let's start with an example for 7th Grade Social Studies over the Civil War: (7.5A, 7.5B, and 7.5C) Yankee Spy, an escape game on the Civil War. Infilitrate the Confederacy!

Escape Game Example


What is Genially?

Genially Overview


Very easy to mix multiple templates and customize your escape game!

It provides a variety of complete templates that just need the questions and answers.

What is Genially?


Genially is an online tool for creating interactive and animated content, including escape games.

Creating Escape Games with Genially

Tons of resources

Easy to customize


Great for all levels of expertise


Creating Escape Games with Genially

Publish the game and then share the link with students to play


Add the questions and answers, as well as make any additional edits you want


Log in and find a pre-made escape game that you want to use in class

Find Template

Creating an escape game- overview

Process Overview

How to create an escape game with Genially


How does this tool benefit students and teachers?

Benefits for students and teachers


Students can show their mastery by creating their own escape game

Escape games can provide a rigorous challenge that students will want to beat

Escape games promotes team work and collaboration skills.

show mastery


Social skills

Increase student engagement

Academic Benefits

Genially escape games

Escape games promotes critical thinking and problem solving.

Gamified learning increases student subject mastery

Gamification elements increase motivation and engagement.

Critical thinking

Improved learning


Genially is very user friendly, which makes it easy to train teachers how to use it.Pre-created templates allow teachers of all skill levels to create engaging escape gamesEasy to test and share with studentsGenially is regularly adding new templates, interactive elements, and resources

Easier and quicker to create escape games with Genially

Teachers can save time with genially


Creating traditional escape games requires more training and/or familiarity with tools such as Google Websites, Forms, Slides, etc. It also can take multiple hours or even days to plan and create a traditional escape game.

Traditional digital escape games require more time to create

benefits for teachers

Genially Escape Games

Traditional Digital Escape Games


Students can show mastery of material by creating their own game


Student Led Project

Escape games could be an option on a choice board


Choice Board Activity

Small groups, stations, intervention time


Small Group Intervention

Students are introduced to new material in the game


Lesson for new material

Students review material previously taught


Review Activity

How can it be used?


Want to customize your Escape Game even more?

  • Canva has an amazing AI tool that will use its extensive image library to create custom images. Give detailed prompts and it will give you a set of options.
  • You can mix multiple templates together
  • Easy to copy and paste images as well as Bitmojis

Customizing it further

genially escape rooms

Do you want confirmation that a student completed the Escape Game? Do you want the student to receive an email and/or certificate about completing the Escape Game?You can embed a Google Form that utilizes AutoCrat to send confirmation an email to you and the student. Customize the template to look however you like.

Works great with autocrat

genially escape rooms

Let's explore Genially!

If you would like to follow along, go to https://genial.ly/ and create a new account.

live Demo

genially escape rooms

Youtube Walkthroughs

Part 1: Shows how to create escape games (basic)

Video and text walkthroughs

Part 2: Shows more intermediate techniques

Additional Resources

  • Masters Degree in Education Leadership
  • Elementary School Teacher in Spring ISD
  • Teacher of the Year 2020
  • Digital Learning Coach in Spring ISD
  • Digital Learning Specialist in Aldine ISD
  • Founder of TechEdEdu

Dan Larson


Dan Larson is a Digital Learning Specialist for Aldine ISD with over 21 years of experience in education. He started his career as a classroom teacher, then moved to a technology instructor role. He also created an after-school club for students who wanted to learn more about technology and take it to the next level.In his current role, Dan assists with launching blended learning in the classroom for campuses in Aldine ISD. He is also a trainer, coach, and teacher specializing in integrating technology into the classroom and into the hands of all students.Dan is a frequent presenter at technology conferences throughout Texas. He is passionate about helping students and educators learn and use technology to enhance learning. Dan is also the founder of Technically Educating Educators, a company that provides professional development and consulting services to help educators integrate technology into their classrooms.