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Continuum Example: Should adolescents be allowed to play football?

Extreme 1

Extreme 2

  • Data: Youth football concussion rate is 5%, study finds

  • Academic Journal: Should Kids Play (American) Football?

  • Image: Brain with vs. without CTE

  • News Website: Head to Head.

  • Source 5: Factors associated with U.S. adults' willingness to allow teenagers to play tackle football.

  • Source 6: Comparing Head Impacts in Youth Tackle and Flag Football

  • Source 7: The Benefits of Youth Tackle Football

  • Source 8: Is football safe for kids?

  • Source 9: The Problem With Football.

  • Source 10: Game Changer.

Directions:1. Change title2. Write out the extremes (You can add arrows pointing in other directions as well)3. Add your source titles and links4. Move sources to the correct part of the continuum5. Submit for Step 2 on Canvas