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Teacher Presence & Relationships


Role Play 2

Values and Challenges

Role Play 1

A Safe Environment


A Positive Relationship

Teacher's Presence

Exit Ticket
Learning Goals

Title 2

Session Plan

Understanding the Theory


Discuss in groups: Who was your favorite teacher at your secondary school? Explain why?​ Can you name some positive characteristics? Who was your least favorite teacher? What was the reason for that?



task 2

The teacher's presence is an important aspect when standing in front of the class. Communicating with your students is not only about what you say, but also how you say it.

Teacher's Presence

task 1

TASK 2:In Methodological Practice A you studied the Roles of a Teacher.

  • Revisit the overview on the 6 Roles of a Teacher by Slooter and underline the aspects of your lesson that support the positive relationship between a teacher and learners
  • Fill in / Revisit the self analysis of Slooter's 6 Roles of a teacher. Mark three aspects within the role of pedagogue to focus on within your pedagogical development at your internship.
You can use this as inspiration for a pedagogical learning question.


TASK 1: The teacher plays a pivotal role in the learner’s positive educational experiences. Being aware of how to create a constructive relationship with your learners can contribute to that. In groups:

  • What can you do as a teacher to stimulate a positive relationship with your students?
  • Create a Mindmap or Padlet to organise your thoughts and link this to the roles of the teacher.
  • Download your image into your Learning Journal

A Positive Relationship


Watch the video and answer the following questions: 

  • When do learners feel safe in a classroom? 
  • What is the role of the teacher in creating a safe learning environment? 
  • Why is it important to have a safe learning environment?
Find reliable sources that provide you with specific examples of how a teacher creates a safe learning environment. Record them in your Learning Journal - you can use a digital tool like Padlet etc if you like

A Positive Environment

Richard Armour

‘Adolescence isn't a period; its a coma.'

Theory into Practice

+ TASK 2

In your Learning Team sessions you completed the Pegagogical/Values Wall task. You will need it for this task.TASK 1:

  • Write down 3 rules on 3 different post-its that are most important for you when you think about a safe learning environment in relation to your personal values.
  • Form groups of 4/5 and organize all your post-its and discuss your findings. Are there any surprising outcomes?
  • Revisit the theory on standard classroom procedures. Compare these to your findings. Determine which rules and procedures you would like to use in your teaching.
Finalise your Pedagogical Wall, include:
  • Label your values achieved, in progress, or not yet achieved
  • 3 classroom rules/procedures related to your values and theory

Values & Challenges



Scenario: You will teach class 1b for the first time.

  • How will you start the class?
  • Think about how you will introduce yourself.
  • This includes what you will say but also your body language, posture, voice, eye contact, etc in order to connect with your learners. 
This introduction will take 2 minutes. You should record this role play (on your phone or digital device) so you can write a reflection later.   Ask a peer to observe and fill in the observation form on Teacher's Presence. In groups, discuss your role plays and the received feedback.
  • What was challenging about the scenarios, what did you find easy?
  • How did you decide how to introduce yourself, where to sit etc.? 
Prepare your notes for a reflection in your journal.

Role Play 1


Scenarion: Students are waiting outside, and the bell has rung so they will enter the room. Keep in mind what you have learned in previous activities and consider your own values and rules...

  • What will you do?
  • How will you start your class?
You should record this role play (on your phone or digital device) so you can write a reflection later.  Watch it and write a reflection in your learning journal. What did you notice? What did you do well? What could you do differently?

Role Play 2

  • Learning Task 1 Instructions
  • Group Procceses Sessions

In next session ...

Don't forget your exitticket!


Being a teacher does not only involve the transfer of knowledge about the subject. Learners will also share stories with you about their personal lives, interests and possibly issues. Therefore, it is important to work on a positive relationship with your learners.

For next session ...

  • Finish your reflections from the sessions
  • Complete the preparation for Theme 3 - Group Processes
  • Read all Learning Tasks
  • Draft Pedagogical Learning Question

John Gran

‘'All that any grown up expects of an adolescent is that he should act like an adult and be satisfied to be treated like a child.'

What happens if your values are being challenged & how can you respond to that? Think about scenarios such as a learner who keeps talking, uses a mobile-phone when the learner is not allowed to, learners argue and insult each other etc. In groups: Make a list with interventions / reactions on how you can respond when your classroom management is being challenged. Share your group findings on a padlet and save this in your Learning Journal.