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An endangered animal is an animal in dangered of extincion.My endangered animal is the Mediterranean monkseal.


FACT FILE:NAME: Mediterranean monk sealHABITAT: OceanCOUNTRY:Türkiye,Greece,Italy,Madeira and Mauritania.APPEARENCE: Gray fur and choir sizeCOMPARATIVE:Is more endangered than other ocean animals.FOOD:CarnivorousWHY IT IS ENDANGERED: Becose poachingNUMBERS OF ANIMAL TODAY:700 mediterranean monk seal

My favorite endangered animal is the Mediterranean Monk Seal.Mediterranean Monk Seal live in the ocean of Türkey, Grece, Italy, Madeira and Mauritania.They are grey and choir size.They live in the ocean and having for upper incisor teeth instead of six. They are carnivorous, they eat fish and mollusks.

Mediterranean Monk Seal is in dangered of extincion becouse of loss of habitat and pollution.Today they are only 700 Mediterranean Monk Seal

We have got to protect the mediterranean monk seals