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Canada decolonization


context -the colonization


1497: start of cost's exploration1583: start of colonization in Terre-Neuve1759: conquest of Canada and they rename it province oh Canada

introduction -the colonization


1-The internal autonomy2-The independance3-The consequences until our days

1) the internal autonomy of Canada

the first steps towards independence

  • more liberties
  • more internacional acknowledgment

What they want

their actions

  • treaty of versailles
  • league of Nation

the negociation for canada's rights

- the conference in 1929

2) the independance

a new dirigent

a big step for Canada's independance

the statute of Westminster in 1931 generated the independance of Canadadeclaration of Queen Elizabeth 2 on April, 17 1982

3) the consequences

Canada, one of the principal members of Commonwealth

the purpose: conserve politics economocs and cultural interests

the white Commonwealth

the carateristics:- economic and military clout- white- mainly english speaking- more importat part of CW

its members:- UK- Australia- New Zealand- Canada

In conclusion...

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