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French PPA Registration

Do you have a connection agreement?


Do you have an operating and implementation agreement?

Do you have a balance responsible party attachement agreement?


Do you have a scheduling agreement?




Do you have a Transmission System Access Contract (CART)?


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You have to submit a connection request or PTF request.

How to submit a connection request.

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What is an operating and implementation agreement and how to get one?

Are you connecting a renewable generator?

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What is a balance responsible party?

How to designate a balance responsible party.

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What is a scheduling agreement and how to get one?

Welcome to the grid!

What is a Transmission System Access Contract (CART)?

Read Generator CART templates for CART details

SSE is already a BRP

RTE Hotline: rte-hotline@rte-france.com RTE Hotline: +800 80 50 50 50 Market Services: marketservices@rte-france.com Market Services: +33 (0)1 41 66 70 00


How to submit a Balancing Responsible Party Attachment Agreement

Fill out form Annex C7 . Link to Annex C7 >

Operating and Conduct Agreement

The operating and conduct agreement defines the responsibilities of each party to ensure proper insertion of the facility into the power system and the rules of operation and conduct to be followed to ensure the safety of property and persons.This will be sent out during the process of the connection request and does no require any proactive actions.

Connection Agreement

Your connection agreement specifies the technical, legal and financial terms for the connection and specifically the conditions the facility must meet in order to be connected to the public transport system.The connection agreement is organised by general and special conditions.

How to submit a connection request

To submit a connection application of a generation facility, please contact the grid connection department of RTE at the following address: rte-fcent-dp-raccordement@rte-france.com. A request for a PTF is made by completing data collection form “D1” and “D2”. Link here >The connection request must also be accompanied by a proof of payment of the lump sum currently set at € 50 400, and a number of other supporting documents.The full list is given in article 4.4. If the request reuires no new RTE assets to be built on the grid, the lump sum will be refunded upon submission.If you want to submit a distribution connection request click here >

Scheduling Agreement

This is a contract/ agreement with RTE that you will uphold scheduling duties while your contract is active. You can either designate a scheduling agent via Annex 6 in the following document >Or become a scheduling agent via Annex 2 in the same document.

Connection request

The purpose of the connection request “or PTF request” is to draw up a connection offer based on the data supplied by the connection applicant. It sets out the chosen connection solution, the scope of the work to be carried out, and details of the cost and deadline to connect your facility.Once you have submitted the connection request, RTE will have 3 months to send you a Technical and Financial Proposal (PTF) or a Technical and financial Proposal needing construction of a new RTE substation (PTFp). If you both agree to the terms of the PTF, RTE will propose the connection agreement. If you accept the terms of the connection agreement then step 1 is completed.

Balance Responsible Party

a "balance responsible party" refers to an entity that is responsible for ensuring the balance between electricity generation and consumption within a specific area or zone of the electricity grid.The balance responsible party is typically an electricity supplier or a market participant who has contracted with RTE to ensure that the amount of electricity they inject into the grid matches the amount withdrawn, thus maintaining the balance and stability of the electrical system.

Special financial and technical proposal for renewable energies

When examining a request to connect a renewable generation facility or a facility made up of non-renewable and renewable generation facilities (including storage facilities) to be connected to a single point on the public transmission grid, RTE may propose a lower-cost connection solution to a new substation included in the current development plan, but whose location is not definitive at the time the offer is submitted. This offer is called a Technical and Financial Proposal for connection to a new RTE substation (PTFp). In this case, RTE will refund the lump sum you paid when submitting the request. Acceptance enables your project to enter the waiting queue, which implies reserving the associated power, in the same way as for a classic PTF offer.

Tranmission contract that lays down the technical, legal and financial conditions of a User's access to a public transmission system for the extraction from and/or injection into the system of electrical energy. It is signed by the User with RTE.It provides for the link with the Balance Responsible Party and Scheduling Agent system in accordance with the MA-RE terms and conditions and also specifies the use tariff and the billing arrangements.

Transmission System Access Contract (CART)