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by: Javier Tenza Sánchez

a plastic glasses

The first step of the recycling chain yellow bin

first,the person throws the glasses to the yellow bin

pick up and then go to the selected plant

Then All the containers placed in this container are transferred to a plant, where the materials are selected and classified by color.


Then the plastic pieces are broken and shredded into very small pieces, known as pellets, to facilitate treatment


Then all the pieces are washed in such a way that the plastic remains wet and the densest impurities remain at the bottom of the sink.

Drying and spinning

This step serves to eliminate any other impurities that may have remained.


Through a mechanical process, it is homogenized to achieve a uniform color and texture.


In this step, small pellets (chaff) are obtained that are stored in bags for use as new raw material available for new applications.