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Poaching is the act of a illegal hunt.An example for that is the hunt of elephants for their ivories, and the same with rhinos.But they aren't the ony reason for poaching! Some of thenm also hunt for FUN , MONEY AND CLOTHES!

Secrets of the Hunt



What can we do?

Well! We can start by doing campaigns, spread the word, alert the internet with social media or even alert parents that hunt or friends that know someone that hunt, stop buying things made for animals (like fur coats and somethings like that)Stop the poachers and poaching! YOUR WORD MATTERS TOO!

Writen by Rodrigo

What is poaching?


Poachers are people that go on a HUNT illegally (They kill animals illegally). Sadly they also leave winning BECAUSE they sell the animais or what's left of them to big companies and with that they gain money.