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Declaration of faithBelief in the oneness of God : tawhidOnly one God and Muhammad is his messanger"There is no god but God, and Muhammad is his messanger"


Translated as "prayer" or "worship"Qur'an mentions praying 5 times a day, but most Muslims pray 5 timesUsually said in language that the person speaks rather than Arabic


Give 2.5 percent of income to charityWealth is given by God and therefore should share it with the less unfortunateLiterally means "that which purifies" (from greed)


Fastin during RamadanEveryone fasts at the same time, sense of community (ummah)Cannot eat during daylight


Pilgrimage to MeccaEvery Muslim should go at least once a lifetimeA Muslim's duty to do so, excpet if you are to poor or ill