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As registered safety consultants, we excel in providing all-encompassing Construction Health and Safety solutions. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we extend our services nationwide, adhering meticulously to the stipulations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Our adept team consists of experienced professionals committed to aiding your organisation in succeeding safety regulations. Emphasising professionalism and aiming for top-notch performance, we furnish pragmatic solutions that proactively tackle risks to ensure a safe working environment for all stakeholders.



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+ emergency planning & procedures

+ renewable energy


+ incident and accident investigations

+ hazard identification and risk assessment

+ induction & safety training

+ event safety management

+ auditing and monitoring

+ Health and safety management system

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David Mawby 060 580 6481

Arcen conducts thorough safety audits, evaluating and improving your organisation's safety performance. Our comprehensive examination covers processes, systems, and practices, identifying areas for enhancement. Our experienced team inspects your workplace, equipment, and operations, ensuring compliance with regulations. Our audits pinpoint compliance gaps and offer actionable recommendations for resolution, promoting continuous improvement and a safe work environment.

Auditoring and Monitoring

We're proud to introduce our exceptional Construction Health and Safety File Management system, setting industry standards for a user-friendly experience. Crafted with ease in mind, our system ensures comprehension, manageability, and the significance of well-organised safety files. Our team meticulously assembles comprehensive files, exceeding legal requirements and industry norms. Leverage our expertise for a robust foundation in compliance, accountability, and proactive safety measures. Our user-friendly system prioritises workforce well-being, ensuring efficient safety file management.

Construction Health and Safety File

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Health and Safety Induction Training is crucial for ensuring employees have the knowledge and awareness needed to work safely. At Arcen, we provide customised, comprehensive induction training programs. Our engaging sessions, led by consultants, cover safety protocols, hazard identification, emergency procedures, and legal requirements. Empower your employees to actively contribute to a safe working environment.

Induction and Safety Training

Arcen excels in incident investigations, utilising the globally recognised Incident Cause Analysis Method (ICAM). This systematic approach ensures a thorough understanding of root causes, preventing future occurrences. Through meticulous evidence collection, witness interviews, and data analysis, we identify contributing factors with keen attention to detail. Our recommendations go beyond immediate solutions, enhancing safety protocols and empowering your organisation to implement effective preventive measures for a consistently safer work environment.

Incident and Accident Investigations

Arcen collaborates closely with clients to assess risks and vulnerabilities, creating site-specific plans for potential emergencies. We provide clear procedures for emergency response, communication, and evacuation, ensuring a prompt and coordinated reaction in critical situations. Proficient in contingency planning, we equip your organisation to manage unforeseen events, reduce disruptions, and prioritize safety. Trust us to enhance your emergency preparedness and provide reliable solutions for unexpected challenges.

Emergency Planning and Procedures

Arcen specialises in crafting bespoke Health and Safety Management Systems, precisely tailored to your organisation's unique requirements. Through close collaboration, we ensure alignment with industry best practices and regulatory standards. From policy formulation to risk assessments, training program development, and incident management, our comprehensive systems guarantee a proactive and systematic approach to health and safety. By implementing our robust solutions, your organisation gains the ability to adeptly identify, assess, and control risks, fostering a secure work environment and nurturing a safety-centric culture.

Health and Safety Management System

Event success and well-being hinge on effective Event Safety Management. Collaborating closely with organisers, we create customised safety plans prioritising attendees, staff, and participants. From crowd management and emergency preparedness to vendor safety and venue inspections, we address all facets meticulously. Count on us to establish a safe environment for your event, allowing you to focus on delivering a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Event Safety Management

At Arcen, our safety commitment extends seamlessly into renewable energy. Acknowledging the distinct challenges of solar projects, we prioritize the highest safety standards while embracing sustainable energy opportunities. Our Health and Safety Management services are tailored meticulously to the unique needs of solar energy projects. Collaborating closely with clients, we develop comprehensive management systems aligned with best practices, regulatory requirements, and your organisation's H&S standards. From initial assessment to ongoing operational safety, our solutions are proactive and flexible, accommodating the varying scopes of solar projects.

Renewable Energy

Our SACPCMP-registered safety professionals are dedicated to ensuring workplace safety, offering guidance to fulfill regulatory prerequisites and establish secure environments.

Skilled Safety Professionals

Arcen seamlessly integrates health and safety across your organisation, identifying risks, formulating strategies, and implementing proactive measures for a resilient framework. Trust our expertise for a secure work environment.

Health and Safety Intergration

Our dedicated team ensures streamlined, tailored safety solutions, promptly addressing concerns. Count on us for dependable support in proactively managing risks and maintaining a secure work environment.

Timely Response

Our team excels in meticulous hazard identification and risk assessments, ensuring optimal workplace safety. Embracing a comprehensive approach, we meticulously pinpoint potential hazards and thoroughly evaluate associated risks. Scrutinising tasks, equipment, and work environments, we offer invaluable insights into potential threats to employee well-being. Through our thorough risk assessments, we empower you to prioritise and implement effective control measures, relying on our expertise to proactively address dangers and safeguard your workforce.

Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment