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SEL Resources

Explore the Teaching Assistant and activities under Wellness.


Generate an SEL Lesson Plan for students in any grade level.

Magic School

SEL Prompts to put in Chat GPT, Bard or any chatbot you use.

AI for Education

AI for Education is a platform dedicated to integrating Artificial Intelligence in educational settings. They offer various services including AI workshops, training, and consulting for schools and districts. Their aim is to equip educators with AI-powered tools and strategies for personalized learning and improved student outcomes.

Eduaide.ai is an educational platform created by public school teachers, designed to leverage large language models to reduce teacher burnout and democratize access to quality teaching resources. The platform is guided by an advisory board composed of experienced educators and professionals in education technology.

MagicSchool.ai is an AI-based platform designed to assist educators in various aspects of teaching, including lesson planning and student assessment. Developed by former teacher Adeel Khan and his team, it utilizes generative AI, such as GPT-4 from OpenAI, to offer over 50 different tools.

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  • Plan the structure of your content.
  • Give visual weight to the key points and the most important ones.
  • Define secondary messages with interactivity.
  • Establish a flow throughout the content.
  • Measure results.

The interactive visual communicationstep by step:

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