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Qsource has identified three opportunities to explore that stem from current core competencies & aim to increase our impact


Total US HH Agencies: 11,500

Total US SNFs:14,810 SNFs

Market competitors

Market competitors

Market competitors

Target opportunity areas & competitors

Home Health Quality & Management Optimization

Quality Improvement & Management Optimization

Improve quality of care for chronic disease population across the entire continuum of care from preventative to acute / end of life Value drivers: Excess medical spend reduction, site-of-care-steerage, readmission rate reduction, value-based reimbursement

Provide quality improvement and operational optimization services to home health (HH) providers Value drivers: Regulatory compliance improvement, workforce transformation (operations -scheduling, learning and development, etc. / clinical enhancement -clinical pathways), provider capacity enhancement, labor shortage mitigation

Provide quality improvement expertise and management optimization as part of QIO-QIN contracting and directly to skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes Value drivers: STAR ratings enhancement, quality outcome improvement, penalty cost reduction, operational margin improvement, workforce transformation (operations/clinical enhancement)

Quality Improvement for Chronic Disease

Near-term target

Long-term target


“The repackage”Existing services and products sold to new customers more efficiently and effectively (e.g., quality improvement services for home health agencies)

“The extension”New or modified service / product delivered to existing customers (e.g., health equity support for government organizations)

“The new-new”New service/product (or existing service/product with a new revenue model) delivered to new customers (e.g., wellness & prevention quality improvement services for commercial payers

New service / product

Existing customers “The standard”Existing services and products sold to existing customers more efficiently and effectively (e.g., quality improvement contracting for government organizations)

Existing service / product

New customers

Service / product opportunities framework

Potential opportunities were mapped across new and existing products and customers