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Beyond a Specialist Support Team: Embracing a Wider HE Context

3. Impactful Bolt-Ons
2. Proactive Relationships
1. An Innovative Presence


  • Updating learning materials periodically to reflect industry, technological, and policy changes
  • Regular themed CPD which shares new and existing pedagogical apporaches that engage, inspire and involve
  • Going one further and modelling the above on a site containing focused hints, resources, and videos to a wider practitioner audience

Continuous Innovation

  • Academic Skills' modules and short courses - including student projects and targeted ESP programmes
  • Tailored Diagnostic Assessments - reflecting learner needs
  • A repository that is visually impacting, interactive and utilizes both receptive and productive skills (not just reading)
  • Streamlining 1:1s - "Chat with an expert" facility

Digital Fixtures

An Innovative Presence

Core Meeting Technical

  • Keeping a proactive relationship with our own syllabus - striking a balance between core academic skills and more technical ones related directly to assignments
  • Mapping skills into our developmental materials
  • Conceptualizing core and technical skills through creative design and pedagogical approaches, but avoiding skills' isolation.
  • Reflection and making tweaks
  • Link Tutors - custodians of schools and faculties working proactively with academics.
  • Harvesting detailed and quick-fire needs that impact learners directly and support academic production
  • Tailored workshops for shools, faculties, as well as external partners. To illustrate, module and assignment specific, but also professional skills e.g. technical writing, E-comms


Proactive Relationships

Concluding Thoughts

  • Keep innovating and keep present
  • Keep in touch
  • Keep thinking beyond the day-to-day provision
  • Extra Curricula clubs
  • Summer Schools
  • Intercultural Effectiveness Training Workshops
  • Academic Skills'/CPD YouTube channel - show us how it's done

Impactful Bolt-Ons