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M&S x b-pro Guardian


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We aim to deliver to you an engaging, creative and effective response to your brief. We will do this by working together to create a range of captivating marketing of your product in a way that enhances its features and signifies the importance and relevance of your brand.

Our approach

The main objective is to create a campaign which increases awareness among females in their 30s and older regarding the impact of breast cancer and early detection through educational initiatives highlighting symptom prelevance and using wearable systems like B-Pro Guardian.

The brief

Creative approach

It will become clear to them why they should purchase this product instead of continuing with invasive, uncomfortable breast examinations from doctors.

We propose that we show the consumers just how easy the B-Pro Guardian is to use.In order to achieve this we will host multiple events for the consumers to try out the product and see the innovative techniques it uses.

We believe that a creative approach will be the best way to showcase the amazing, progressive features of your product.

B-Pro Guardian

“By 2050, no woman should die from breast cancer”


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Mock-up of the event