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By Aryan Sharma

Andrew Jackson - Hero or Villain?


Background Info

Andrew Jackson was the 7th president of the U.S. serving from 1829 - 1837. Throughout his radical and controversial rulings, he came to the conclusion that the president should have more power than in the already existing government. With this theory, he wanted to give America as much land as possible while he was president. He pushed Native Americans out from the land that they had first, and was one of the main reasons for the Trail of Tears, which was an infamous journey that Native Americans called their walk out of their land. He also ruled with the Spoils System - which was a system where people advocate for one person for a political positon, and advocates get repaid with other political positions. Jackson also liked to rule with the veto, and he took more control of the nation then he had designated to him.

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Andrew Jackson abused his power than what was given by the U.S. government. His actions were good for America, but not too great for everyone else. During Jackson's presidency, he kicked Native Americans out of the land that they had gotten to first and had already settled on. They were forced to travel to their new land reserves in harsh conditions which eventually became known as the Trail of Tears.


Abuse of power

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Andrew Jackson abused the Spoils System. The Spoils System is a corrupt form of government where certain people advocate for someone to get a political/social position, and then those advocates are then repaid with other political/soical positions. Andrew Jackson did this by replacing many people when he entered his presidency.

Spoils System


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During Jackson's presidency, he overlooked the constittuion and mostly used the veto to cancel out an acts/laws that he didn't like. He used the veto far more often than other presidents did, making him a stubborn person who only liked to follow his ideas/rulings. This depiction in the image above is a perfect way of showing how Jackson ruled; he is stepping on the constitution while holding a veto.


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Most consider that Jackson abused his power. After everyone had bad experiences from King George III ruling over America, there was always balance in the power that the officials had. But, Jackson took more advantage of the power that he had as president than other presidents, and than what was expected. He made decisions only that he thought would benefit the citizens, and was not as considerate for any other people who had opposing views.


By saying this, Jackson meant that he will not back down until he is listened to or he gets his way. He was definitely an interventionist compared to an isolationist, because he tried to provoke war with other countries. Jackson was the person who asserted America to be as powerful of a country that it was and still is today. He wanted the best for America and American citizens and would pay any price to better the quality of life in America.

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