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Mary queen of scots.


MAry queen of scots

Ruth Johns7Y1


Birth of mary!

Mary was the daughter of James V of Scotland. They had two son before her but they both died before their first hour of life. James lost a battle and came home with a high fever. He was very upset that his wife had given birth to a girl. James died soon after Mary's birth and was then made queen.

Mary Childhood

England and France wanted her to marry someone for their country. So they could control Scotland. Henry V111 (Her uncle) arranged her to marry his son Edward so they could have a aly. But, the Scotish didn't like this treaty so they didn't keep their promise. Henry V111 got angry and wagged war on Scotland.


Mary married Francis when she was 15.

    Henri died so now she was queen of Scotland and France but Francis died so the crown when to his younger brother. She married again with a guy called Darnley. They have a baby boy and called him James.

    Interactive Question



    On the 8th of December


    14 December


    When she married Francis


    Was executed for treason

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    Fun fact

    Marys first marriage was in the Dame Chathedrial. Marys Second marriage was in Holyhoodhouse.

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