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Ellen PaRker - CSM interview

And their csm journey

Customer T

08 · Other products and services

03 · Result 1: NPI

09 · Conclusion

07 · Result 5: Drop in errors

06 · Result 4: Daily usage

05 · Result 3: Good/Excellent

04 · Result 2: 25% increase

02 · External factors

01 · Building rapport

how I would achieve these results for customer t


Even if it is an established relationship with the customer, it's important to keep that relationship going by taking an interest in them, their sector and who works there. They're people, too, and it's important to keep that connection alive.

Building and strengthening a relationship

How I would connect with the customer

Building Rapport

Goal setting at any level can mean you're climbing a mountain, but as a CSM I'm there to help them get to the top, in the right way, at the pace they need.

The mountain

Mirroring body language, reflecting their internal language and being open to listening to their feedback. Open body language and giving them space to speak are key to building trust.

Body language

Knowing what was and wasn't working for them with their previous platform will help me understand their business and how to reach their goals with them.

Less of/ More of

Although I will have researched them as a customer and have a relationship with them, I love to know their perspective from the inside.

Insider view

These are just some of the things we're looking out for in 2024 as blockers to success for Customer T.

External factors that could affect Customer T

issues that could affect customer T in 2024

Issues for the customer

Focusing on customer service training, having difficult conversations and emotional intelligence through campaigns will help ease tricky situations in retail stores.

Customer Service

Everyone is feeling the pinch, so it's logical that Customer T will as well. As great as the results are, there will have been challenges on the way and it's the CSM's role to support the customer through them, using the platform and industry insights.


Property is expensive, offices, shops, transport. It all costs money and could affect employee engagement with the business which will affect the data Thrive captures.

Real estate

Sickness, long-term leave, performance issues. We need people to function, but we come with our own complex needs, which Thrive can help manage.


Being AI-driven is a huge plus in 2024, however making sure that there is still a human behind that is key to the success. The structure of communication the CSM may have had with Customer T, beyond just what the AI in Thrive can offer might have been a key to success for Customer T. Having used Fuse previously, Customer T might have been craving a more personal touch from their learning platform, which Thrive offers and more some.

Being human

To see the distance travelled since joining Thrive, the CSM may have looked at the data from Fuse for completion and engagement rates.

Historic learning data

If they weren't already utilising the Thrive Impact offer, Customer T's profile would suit signing up to Thrive Impact perfectly so they had the full team and the CSM could get them on board.

Thrive Impact

The CSM may have highlighted NPI training using effective campaigns put together by our team at Thrive. It could also be that the real estate was sold to the manufacturers to have training direct from the source.

Running campaigns

One of the many benefits of moving from Fuse is the level of learner data Thrive tracks on the system. The CSM would be helping the team at Customer T to interpret this and implement strategies accordingly.

Ai and Analytics

YoY sales for NPI (new product introduction) has seen a 20% uplift since switching from Fuse.

Result 1: NPI

The CSM may have promoted the benefits of the mobile app to the sales teams, meaning they're able to learn in the flow of work even better by using any downtime to complete learning on their phones. By having training at their fingertips, they can increase completion rates and learning engagement, which in turn will help to achieve this result.

Seamless mobile learning

By demonstrating the power of recognition on the platform, the CSM may have helped managers give kudos to those who have completed the training and excelled with their sales figures. The integrated badges and social interactions will help to support those who need to complete the training.

Recognition and gamification

Broadcasts on the platform

Utilising the broadcasts feature to highlight key product points to the sales agents. The CSM may have delivered training on how to focus these on a specific team, and how to prepare for recording the content.

The CSM could have pulled the completion rate data for learning on the platform and shared this with Customer T. From this, cross-referencing the data would show who needed to complete the training based on their sales.

completion rate tracking

Sales Agents who have completed learning on Thrive have demonstrated 25% higher sales than those that didn’t.

Result 2: 25% sales increase

Does this show roi?

What was the engagement for this survey/question?

How many people were asked this question?

What other questions were asked as a part of that feedback request?

What does this tell you about how the system is being used?

What was the question asked to get that result?

What questions CSM might ask to gather more data around this result?

91% rated Thrive as Good/Excellent.


Learners access the system to join a learning event or broadcast.


Learners access the system to join a learning event or broadcast.

event access

Content creators looking for data on their work to measure its engagement and impact.

learning analytics

Managers accessing the data for their teams on their current skills set, or individuals looking at their profiles to find training for their own development.

Skills development

By having the induction on Thrive as a pathway, new users will automatically head there to access this training and communication content.

Induction pathways

Using Thrive to track what happens after someone logs in. Tracking that data will help the CSM and customer understand how people are using the platform


If this platform is being used as the main communication portal, this figure is to be expected, but how else are they using it?

Communication platform

96% of active/new platform users log onto the platform a day.


In continually collecting feedback from customers the CSM can support Customer T in using this data effectively to keep improving the performance of their sales agents and plug any skills gaps they find.

Customer feedback

Hosting creative, engaging and effective learning on the platform is going to help keep learners focused on the content. This means the adoption rate of that content is higher, to minimise risk and mistakes. A CSM can help pinpoint where that learning is being effective, and support where needed.

Engaging training

Being able to sell the real estate on the platform to product manufacturers' content means the sales agents are getting the right content, at the right time. This is where the CSM can come in and support this integration, as well as track the data for this learning.

manufacturers' content

The CSM can help Customer T put together a plan to create resources for content and show how they can be hosted on the platform. This could be FAQs, battle cards, or reviewing the content on the platform regularly and keeping it up to date.

Relevent resources

Complaints related to sales agent errors have consistently fallen from 22% in January 2023 (when Thrive launched) to 11% in July 2023.

Result 5: Drop in errors

additional points a CSM could consider

Other products and services

Industry tracking

Product Roadmap

AI working groups

Thrive content

Build trust and understand the customer's goals

Apply their industry knowledge

Use AI and data in the platform to support their goals

IDENTIFY what's important to the customer

How people apply these core skills, knowledge and experience to the role is bespoke to each person. But by building a strong relationship with the client through understanding their audience and industry, using data to drive decisions and supporting their customers through feedback and innovation, the CSM will achieve.

a summary of what a CSM needs to do to be successful