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Scenario Exercise

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Thinking Hats On

Anwar is purchasing a new computer and wants to set some minimal environmental standards.Read through Anwar's thinking on the next page and take 4-5 minutes to write down a response, for what you would consider to be good practice in research. If you wish to save your response, remember to save it in a new document.

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  • How a product is produced or manufactured or how a service is delivered - for example to specify it is organic, uses an environmentally friendly process, adheres to certain standards, or that the products aren't transported long distances.
  • The physical characteristics of a product or service – you could require it to contain recycled content and specify the minimum recycled content required, not use hazardous materials such as lead or mercury, be reusable, and only use reusable or recyclable packaging
  • A minimum level of performance, e.g. it meets a required standard for energy or water efficiency, meets a certified standard such as ISO 14001 or SA 8000, or the minimum length of time the product must last for.

Anwar is thinking about...

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