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What can I bring to the role of Highly Specialist Clinical Physiologist in Neurophysiolgy

Amina Begum



Clinical Duties: Basic Neurophysiological Techniques

Clinical Duties: Advanced Neurophysiological Techniques

Non-Clincal Duties


3 years of clinical experience in Neurophysiology performing basic and advanced Neurophysiological techniquesRegistered with RCCPMember of the British Society of Introperative Neuromonitoring (BSIN)


Graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with 1st Class Honours in Healthcare Science (Neurophysiology)50 week placement at Royal Preston Hospital and North Manchester General Hospital Clinical Physiologist (Band 5) at North Manchester General Hospital


Specialist Clinical Physiologist (Band 6) at MFT (MRI, RMCH, NMGH and Wythenshawe)

Clinical Duties - Basic Neurophysiological Techniques


  • Perform and write factual reports for all modalities of routine and non-routine EEGs on a wide range of age groups - Sleep Deprived, Melatonin Sleep, Prolonged NEAD, and Portable EEGs on general wards, ITU and NICU
  • Perform and set up video ambulatory EEG and write factual reports

Isle of Man

  • Plan off site trip to IOM and work autonomously performing EEG on a rota basis
  • Effective communication with staff in Isle of Man
  • Guide more Junior staff newly added to the rota
  • Small Fibre Neuropathy

Thermal Threshold Testing

Clinical Duties - Advanced Neurophysiological Techniques

Nerve Conduction Studies

  • Carpal Tunnel Sydrome
  • Ulnar Nerve Entrapment Syndrome

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring

  • Orthopaedic Spinal Surgery - Scoliosis/Kyphosis
  • Neurosurgery - Fatty Filum Dethering

Evoked Potentials

  • Visual Evoked Potential
  • Upper Limb SSEP on ICU for prognostication
  • Lower Limb SSEP for Pre-operative assessment to obtain baseline waveforms for IOM
  • Often attending educational webinars and courses to develope knowlege
  • Involved in training and supervision of students/junior staff members


Training and Supervision

Non-Clinical Duties

Infection Control and Prevention Champion

  • Complete monthly audits to assess adherence to infection control measures and policies

Audits in Department

  • Regularly get involved in departmental audits and implement relevant changes

Health and Safety Officer

  • Complete annual and 6 monthly audits to assess adherence to health and safety guidelines
  • Effective communication
  • Problem solving
  • Adaptable and Flexible
  • Enthusiastic


My clinical experience, technical proficiency and commitment to continuous improvement uniquely positions me to contribute significantly to the role of Highly Specialist Clinical Physiologist

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