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Lab Prep.

Vocab. Pracitice

Set up the Fossil Find Assignment for tomorrow if you are planning to participate.


When you finish your lab setup or if you aren't doing the hands-on lab you may use this Blooket Link to Practice our Unit 5 Vocabulary!

Pour the remaining dry sand over the fossils until they're covered. Let dry for at least 2 hours.

Step 9

Fill the plastic graduated cup to 60 mL with plaster of Paris.

Step 6

Locate the graph paper on page 37 of the workbook. Set it near the box. You will need it for the assignment on Friday.

Step 3

Pour the plaster mixture onto the sand mix with the craft stick. You, or a partner, should arrange the 3 fossils into the wet sand-plaster mixture.

Collect plastic graduated cup, plaster of Paris, craft stick, fossils, remaining sand, and water

Step 5

Locate the flat box and sand.Open the box and carefully remove the foam piece. Save the foam for a later activity.

Step 2

Slowly add water to the cup until it reaches 90 mL. Stir with the craft stick until well mixed.

Step 7

Pour one and a half bags of sand into the bottom of the box.

Step 4

Gather Materials:Beneath Our Feet KitBeneath Our Feet Student Workbook

Step 1

Fossil find prep.


Step 8

  • Plan the structure of your content.
  • Give visual weight to the key points and the most important ones.
  • Define secondary messages with interactivity.
  • Establish a flow throughout the content.
  • Measure results.

The interactive visual communicationstep by step:

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