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195 Cold Spring Road​​ Andreas, PA 18211​​ Phone: 570-818-2200 ext. 14241echukoskie@ccaeducate.me​​Please feel free to reach out at any time!

Hello! I'm Mrs. Chukoskie.

195 Cold Spring Road​​ Andreas, PA 18211​​ Phone: 570-818-2200 ext. 14133​​ kweise@ccaeducate.me​​Please let me know how I can help!

Hello! I'm Miss Weise.

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Learning Coach Responsibilities

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Class Expectations

1. Find a quiet space to learn. Think about this space as YOUR classroom!2. Have your materials ready before class begins.3. Listen carefully to teachers and classmates.4. Keep yourself engaged in the lesson by participating in discussions and activities.5. Be sure to submit your lessons when you finish them.​ ​ ​

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Forms of communcation

Check webmail DAILY for both your Learner’s and your Learning Coach's accounts.​


Click the phone for directions on how to set up texting with teachers through edio.

Edio Chat feature is like an instant message between edio accounts. You and your learner can use edio Chat to communicate with teachers. Learning Coaches: You can also link this chat feature with text messaging on your PHONE so you can receive messages directly to your cell phone.

Edio Chat

Check your Learner’s edio Calendar for upcoming Zoom meetings/classes.​

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Our pod newsletter will be updated every Friday. The newsletter will have reminders and list materials for each lesson. Your learner can find the link to the newsletter on the Edio Home page in their math, ELA, science, and social studies.


This awesome mobile app is for learning coaches and caretakers. It has many useful features for keeping track of your learner's progress. Click the edioGo icon for more information.​


When your child logs in to their edio account every day, their attendance is taken. You may log in at any time within a 24-hour period to log in for the school day. Please be sure to check your learner's attendance and email for notices of any unexcused absences.​​ ​ If you see an unexcused absence, please go through your LEARNING COACH edio account (not your learner's edio account) OR you can use the edioGo app to upload an excuse WITHIN 3 DAYS. ​​ ​ Pennsylvania Department of Education monitors our learners' attendance and participation in the program. We need to make sure all learner attendance records are correct, and there are no truancy concerns.


Using a scanner* Many printers come with a "scan" function.* Place paper on the scanner and press "scan."* Find the document on your computer.* Go into edio and press on the blue link to upload work. * Select the Desktop, then the file you want to upload. *Submit the upload.
Using a phone* Take a picture of the worksheet on your phone. (IOS users can use their "Notes" section to scan the paper.* From your phone, email the photo to your email address.* Open the email account on your learner's computer and save the image to the Desktop.* Go to the edio lesson and press on the blue link to upload work. * Select the Desktop, then the file you want to upload. *Submit the upload.
  • Please upload documents to the lesson. Do not email them to your teacher.​
  • Take a clear photo of the document laying on a surface. Do not take a selfie.
  • Please make sure the upload is easy to read.
  • Uploads that are blurry or otherwise difficult to read will need to be resubmitted for credit.

How to upload work to edio

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Click on this image to go to "Comet's Closet", where learning coaches can order equipment for learners!

Does your learner need tech equipment or curriculum materials?

comet's closet

edio access​​ ​ Difficulty with edio​​ ​ Difficulty with other educational programs​​ ​ Laptop, internet, printer, or other hardware issues​

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Google Chrome:All edio features work best in the Google Chrome web browser. If you are having trouble with sketchpads, uploads, recordings, etc.- all these issues may be corrected if you switch to Chrome.​​ ​ Click and follow the directions to double-check that all programs are opening in Chrome.​

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195 Cold Spring Road​​ Andreas, PA 18211​​ Phone: 570-818-2200 ext. 14233​​ metaylor@ccaeducate.me​​Please feel free to reach out at any time!

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