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Snakesand ladders

A book you've enjoyed

Roll the dice!

A filmyou haven't enjoyed

Something strange you've eaten

Something you've been learning

A beautiful place you've visited

3 cities you've visited

A film you have enjoyed since you were a child

A new word you've learnt recently

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Box 55


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Box 21


Players start with a token - which represents each of them - in the initial square and take turns rolling the die. The tokens move according to the numbering on the board, in ascending order. If, at the end of a move, a player lands on a square where a ladder begins, they move up it to the square where it ends. If, on the other hand, they land on a square where a snake's tail begins, they move down it to the square where its head ends.If a player rolls a 6, they can move twice in a single turn. If a player rolls three consecutive 6's, they must return to the initial square and cannot move their token until they roll a 6 again. The player who reaches the final square is the winner.There is a variation where, if a player is six or fewer squares away from the end, they must roll precisely the number needed to reach it. If the number rolled exceeds the number of remaining squares, the player cannot move.


If the player falls on the bottom of a ladder, they move up to the top square where the ladder ends.

If the player lands on a square where the tail of a snake starts, they go down to a lower square where the headis located.