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What is Latin class like at CCA?

Who is the teacher?

Why study Latin?

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Magistra Stewart

In addition to Latin, I have taught a few other subjects, including English, French, and Social Studies. I love to teach! Before I got to teaching, I also studied lots of things. My favorite is philosophy, though. Some other things I love are my animals, gardening, hiking, and reading. I have also done lots of traveling--and even lived and taught in Poland, so I know a little Polish , too. Right now, I am very happy to be in my second year at CCA.

WITH GUDED LESSONS IN EDIO: We learn about the lives of two families in ancient Rome, one patrician and one plebeian, as they go about their everyday lives.

In Latin class . . .

IN LIVE CLASSROOMS: We practice the grammatical elements introduced in guided lessons with all kinds of different activities, some of which are pictured behind this window.

ASYNCHRONOUS STUDENTS: May simply complete the lessons in edio, but they can also watch recordings of our Zoom Guided Lessons and Live Classrooms.