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Before you come to the Seminar

Make sure you have

  • Completed your Pre lecture task
  • Completed your post lecture tasks
  • Come prepared to contribute and discuss!
Seminar 1
  • Opener
  • What is your purpose?
  • Can you remember if you are positivist or interpretivist?
  • Can you remember why it matters?
  • Explain which you are and why to your partner - do they agree?
  • Be prepared to feedback!

Task 1- in pairs (5mins)

Over the last 2 weeks you have been introduced to

  • What qualitative research is
  • The methods available
  • How specifically it is used in PIR
And Now (5 mins each)
  • With a partner discuss the following
  • If you were to actually research your proposed question which of the qualitative methods would be most appropriate
  • NB remember you can use more than one
  • NB think carefully WHY these are the most appropriate

Task 2 - in pairs (5 -10 mins each)

And Now It's not enough to have a vague plan - you need to be specific and clear about what you are going to do.With your partner discuss the specifics of your possible methods.There are many things to consider, the below is just for starters

  • How would you select people?
  • How many?
  • If interviews - what type, how many questions, what type of questions
  • If focus groups - how many people?
  • How long would you need to (from trying to persuade people to take part, to finishing)
  • If archives how long would you need there, what sorts of documents?
  • NB remember to be SMART

Log it

  • Creating a research method log is a great idea for staying organized and tracking your choices throughout your research process.
  • Now fill in the below down to (and including) section 2 (for the moment you will only be able to fill it in for your qualitative choices)
  • Keep this safe as we will be following on with your quanitative choices next
  • This document will be very valuable when it comes to writing the methods section of your presentation

Seminar 2

Opener (5 mins)

  • In pairs - how many different research methods can you think of?
  • You have one minute!
  • Pair with the most methods wins!

Task 1- in pairs (5mins)

And Now (5 mins each)Part of planning sucessfully is thinking about what could (& most likely will) go wrongWith a partner discuss the following

  • If you were to use the method you picked yesterday, what could go wrong?
  • Hint remember qualitative methods often rely on contacting and interacting with people! Also, remember it's not just other people than can be the cause of any problems ....

Task 2 - in pairs (5 -10 mins each)

And Now So we know what the possible problems are, that means we can plan how to either avoid those problems in the 1st place, or what to do if they do happenSo with your partner discuss, what you can do to either

  • prevent those problems in the 1st place
  • mitigate them if they do happen!

Log it

  • You can now start filling in the 3rd section (bar sampling) of your research log, and the fourth.
  • Having these sorts of specifics in your proposal presentation are what will move you from an OK mark, to a very good one
  • Don't believe me ... check the mark scheme!