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the bastille


by christine and lily :)



  • Bastille was a large fortress in Paris
  • The Bastille was formally known as the Bastille-Saint-Antione
  • It was used as a prison since 1659
  • It was stormed by a crowd on the 14 of July 1789
  • Hundreds of Parisians
  • Specifically the third estate - the working people.
  • Mostly craftsmen and store owners.
  • They were all members of the French Revolution
  • They were a great crowd armed with muskets, swords and other weapons.


Why though?

summer 1789

It's clear France is moving towards revolution. Many of the third estate discuss it.

July 1789

The royals are scared of a revolt while the Bastille is seen as a sign of tyranny.

12 July 1789

The royals order 250 barrels of gunpowder to the Bastille for protection.

14 July 1789

The third estate storms the Bastille capturing it.

The storming

At Dawn a huge crowd gathered around Bastille and began to attack.

Launay's men were able to hold the crowd back but there were more and more Parisians were conversing to Bastille

Launay surrendered over the fortress.

14 July 1789

The prisoners in the Bastille are freed, the cannons and gunpowder are seized and the milatry govenor and his men are held hostage and later killed.

Late 1789

Prompted by the bastille takeover,the revolution is in full swing.


The monarchy are exuctuted and abolished.

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